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July 28, 2017


We have become unhinged. I don’t mean “crazy,” though perhaps we are crazy. We certainly think other people are crazy. Them. The other side. And it’s the other-side-ness I’m talking about when I say we are unhinged. Unhinged. We’ve always taken sides in political arguments, right from Day One, but the two sides used to


The Cloud Guy

Why call me names Because I am an atheist And say we can’t be friends? And if not an atheist; Because I don’t do church Especially the one you attend? Is that any different Than praying in church To some invisible God Sneer if you wish And call it a sin, but I call it


We’re All Fucked!

In the grand scheme of things, my little blog amounts to a couple of grains of sand in a vast desert. No matter how much importance I and the few brave souls who bother to read its words attach to it, the fact is it’s one of millions of other blogs out there. Thanks to


Letting Myself Hate

I let myself hate some people, Just this once, without remorse. It isn’t that they couldn’t be better But they certainly couldn’t be worse. When I see someone hurting others Just because they know they can I begin to doubt if they really are Still what we could call a man. Or a woman, it’s


Chuck Schumer Finally Gets the Memo

“When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things — Comey, Russia — you blame yourself. So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that.” – Chuck Schumer I’ll be honest, I’ve given Schumer a lot

Domestic Issues

The Great Republican Half Truth About Obamacare

Over the last seven years, Republicans have said a lot of things about the Affordable Care Act that have been proven to be false (e.g., death panels, socialized takeover of the healthcare industry). But for the last eighteen months they’ve made one claim that has, unfortunately for proponents of the ACA, been hard to refute,

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When The Horn Sounds

There won’t be anybody waiting When the evil get to heaven, Not even good old Saint Pete. Just a long slippery slide Each of them must ride With no way to land on their feet. It’s sad we have to wait For the sweet bye and bye For the evil to get just desserts. We

Domestic Issues

The Looming Constitutional Crisis

It is now all but certain that Donald Trump will attempt to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The only questions that remain are how and when. Six months into this travesty of an administration and what we have is a West Wing in disarray, cabinet members who are in over their heads and a chief

Domestic Issues

Did Trump Inadvertently Admit To Money Laundering?

In one of the most bizarre and chilling interviews he’s ever given, Donald Trump threw Attorney General Jeff Sessions under the bus and threatened to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Okay, nothing new here. Trump has been pissed at Sessions ever since he recused himself from the Russia investigation, and everyone who hasn’t been living


Bigots Are Not Fooling Me!

If: There were no people of color, they’d pick on redheads. If there were no redheads they would pick on people with glasses. If there were no people with glasses they’d pick on fat people. If there were no fat people, they’d pick on welfare recipients. If there were no welfare recipients, they’d pick on


Marching Orders

I know just where I’m going And what I have to do I’ve looked into alternatives And discovered what is true. I’ve got my mind made up I’m in possession of the facts I recognize the pitfalls And how confusion acts. There is a higher road And I am going to take it. I am

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Domestic Issues

Memo To Media: Don’t Let Up

Over the last few weeks, as it becomes clearer and clearer that the Russian hacking / collusion scandal is the most grave threat this country has faced quite possibly in its history, there has been a concerted effort by the alt-right media to not only dismiss the scandal as “phony,” but to engage in a


Sermon And A Soapbox

The man stood on a box In the middle of the park, When people walked by The old boy would bark “It’s in the Bible,” he cried. And some people would ask What is in the Bible, sir?” Prepared to take him to task. “Everything’s in there, friend!” He answered with a smile Feeling the


What Bigots Believe

We are allowed to be unkind To the sick, the deaf and the blind. We gladly toss them into a ditch. They don’t matter; They are not rich. We giggle and count what we’ve got Laugh uproariously at those who have not. We call our poor neighbors our inferiors Because having money makes one superior.

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