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September 22, 2017

The Difference Between A Pipe Dream and A Strategy

Throughout the entire 2016 campaign I was very rough on Bernie Sanders, and with good reason. I thought many of his proposals, while laudable and perhaps even morally right, were completely impractical and politically unworkable. From Medicare for all to free college tuition, I never saw any path forward for any of them to see

Domestic Issues

Mother Nature Has the Last Laugh

How fitting that on the 16th anniversary of 9/11, the state of Florida was just beginning to dig out from the worst environmental disaster to strike its shores in 25 years. Hurricane Irma swept trough the Keys before making landfall in Naples. The category 4 storm was so wide that the entire peninsula was subjected


What I Miss About 9/11

On September 11, 2001, I was working the day shift at Kinko’s. Making copies and so forth. One of my co-workers with family ties to New York City busted through the door shouting something about a plane hitting the World Trade Center. She was a noisy sort, big exhortations and exaggerations were common. From a


The Art of the Steal

It’s a good thing Donald Trump doesn’t play poker or he would’ve had five bankruptcies instead of four. Or is that seven bankruptcies instead of six? I lose track sometimes. At any rate, that hideous tower in midtown Manhattan that bares his name would would have Chuck Schumer’s name on it instead. That’s because Chuck

Civil Rights

Bruce Bartlett Is Right

Never let it be said that Bruce Bartlett leaves anything in the bullpen. When it comes to speaking his mind, the word ambiguity is NOT in his vocabulary. Monday afternoon, Bartlett posted the following on Facebook: “There is no longer any doubt–ALL (100%) of Trump supporters are racists. If you don’t like it, fuck you.”


Electioneering 101

For the past thirty years or so I’ve heard Republican broad hints That never quite come to pass. They must think I am dense; That I sit and watch my TV And get all stoked to hear them Promise they will set things right But reality never comes near them. They talk about our poverty

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The Punk

You’ve never grown up; You’re just a big kid But only big on the outside. To you, life’s a game And we’re all just the same We’re along for your crazy ride. No use in sighing After all your lying Don’t come crying to me. It’s almost gotten That you’re so rotten It will be


Appropriate Level

I want leaders who know how to lead. I want people I can trust to be legal. I want people who don’t sell off forests And pull the feathers of the American eagle. I want to hear from Presidents and those Representatives who are not criminals. I don’t want to see people get elected With


Robert Mueller’s August Surprise

In a stunning development, investigators for Special Counsel Robert Mueller have joined forces with those of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in the Paul Manafort probe. The announcement comes just days after Donald Trump’s pardoning of former sheriff Joe Arpaio, and, unless you believe in coincidences, the intent could not be clearer: state convictions,

Election 2016


The Huffington Post’s headline read, “American Psycho.” It was, by far, the most accurate take on what happened in Phoenix, Arizona last night. But what we witnessed was a lot more than just a psychotic rant; it was nothing short of a complete meltdown. A sitting president stood up, not just in front of his

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Election 2016

Don’t Be Distracted By Bannon’s Firing

The news that Steve Bannon has been fired by Donald Trump is being heralded by pundits and the media as a major turning point for a White House that has been in a constant state of chaos since January 20. Bannon’s alt-right influence, we’re told, was a cancer on the presidency and was undermining what


The Alt-Right

Our way is the right way Just like Hitler has shown. We will carry automatic weapons And you must leave us alone. Keep your liberal mouths shut Give KKK politicians a pass. If you don’t our President will Okay thugs to kick your ass. You had your own way too long With jerks like that

Domestic Issues

A Letter To Christians Who Voted for Trump

Look, I understand why frustrated blue-collar workers in the Rust-Belt states voted for Trump. When you’ve been screwed over by both major political parties as much as they have, you tend to do irrational things like vote for someone who has about as much in common with you as you would with a sheep dog.


Dump A Trump

We should throw a party and then Dump a Trump Give Trump lumps Make him jump. Drag him over the same kind of bumps He dragged us and laughed at us. Dump a Trump! Deserves a massive thump; He’s a whiny grump! Dump a Trump! Anyone who has the name of Trump Should kiss our

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