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May 23, 2018

The Trouble With The Bernie Media Storm

Bernie Media Storm

The Bernie Sanders supporters are clinging to the false claim that their man is the frontrunner over Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Once again, there is no truth or basis in reality for the claim, but there is a biased media that is hellbent on helping to damage Secretary Clinton, the real and solid Democratic frontrunner, so as to elect a Republican President in 2016. Let us examine the trouble with the Bernie media storm which transcends both the mainstream media and social media.

False And Misleading Polling Data

Facts exist and no matter what Sanders supporters want to believe, according to the Huffington Post,  Secretary Clinton is ahead of Sanders nationally by 16.5 points, dragged down by an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that only has Clinton leading by 7 points, 15 points with non candidate Biden excluded. Vice President Biden, who has not announced, and may not choose to run, is getting 19.5% in the Huffington Post polling data. Take Biden out of the polls and Clinton’s lead grows to somewhere between 21 to 28 points. Real Clear Politics also has Clinton ahead of Sanders but only by 14 points. Once again, the RCP data includes non candidate Vice President Biden, at 20%, but with the Vice President excluded, the Clinton lead grows to 26 to 35 points.

Unlike the Huffington Post, Real Clear Politics skews the results by not including all of the polls in their calculations. RCP shows additional bias throwing out polling data showing big leads for HRC by failing to include polls taken in late August through mid September that had Clinton ahead of Sanders by 10, 18, 20, 20, and 35 points.  If those numbers were included in the RCP results, the Clinton lead would be much larger.

According to the latest Reuters poll, the race as of October 2, 2015, has Secretary Clinton is well out in front nationally with 58%, Vice President Biden is second with 19%, and Senator Sanders is now trailing the field with 17%.  Take Biden out of the mix and Clinton’s 41 point lead over Sanders would grow to over 50 points. So why is there all this talk about a Sanders surge when the facts seem to indicate that Sanders is now falling back?

In Iowa, the Huffington Post has Secretary Clinton ahead of Senator Sanders by 16 points with the Vice President polling at 11.7%. Take the Vice President out of the polls and the Clinton lead is anywhere from 11 points to 27 points. Real Clear Politics only has Clinton ahead by 3.4 points but this is because they limit their average to only three poll, one of which has Sanders of Clinton by 1 point.

The Real Clear Politics polling average in Iowa also seems intentionally misleading.  They have included one poll completed at the end of August in their latest average, while they have excluded polls done at the end of August into early September showing Clinton in the lead by 7, 11, 25, 28, and 34 points.  If those numbers were included in the average, the Clinton lead in Iowa would be much larger. And the last time that the Vice President was excluded from the RCP data, Clinton’s lead in Iowa was 27 points.

There are other ways that the media is skewing the polls. Recall the CBS poll that was released on September 13, 2015, giving Sanders a ten point lead in Iowa, sending the media and the Bernie Sanders supporters into a frenzy claiming that they had the proof that Bernie was now the frontrunner.  That poll was an online poll.  The You Gov/CBS poll is totally online and participants must affirmatively opt in to join the poll of respondents. It therefore incentivizes respondents to participate in order to skew the poll towards a particular result. Telephone polling has no such incentive for participants to be pre-selected for the poll. Notice that this poll is the only poll to date showing Sanders up in Iowa, and it is skewing the results to lessen what is in point of fact a healthy Clinton lead in Iowa.

Then there are the independent webpages that are not part of the official Bernie Sanders campaign, which are providing false and misleading data which are being misreported as real polling data when they are nothing of the sort.  Take for example The Bern Report;

“A Grassroots news site covering topics that are relevant to the 2016 Presidential Election campaign. Not affiliated with the official Bernie Sanders campaign. The Bern Report is staffed with volunteers and funded by own our contributions.”

It is a simple matter for Bernie backers to create their own polls that confirm what they want the public to believe.  Just ask people who are already coming to your pro Bernie webpage to weigh in on who they will support for president. and the perception that Bernie is winning 93% of Congressional districts is created. The Bern Report posted a poll from Isidewith.com claiming that Senator Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton, saying:

“With nearly 800,000 votes cast since June, Sanders is way out in front. Of course this is not a scientific poll by any stretch of the imagination.”

And what is Isidewith.com? It is a webpage created specifically for young voters, 18 to 30, designed to be shared with friends on social media among this very same demographic, most of whom share similar views. Voter turnout for the 18 to 30 demographic fell to the lowest level on record in 2014. So taking an admittedly unscientific poll from the millennials, the demographic least likely to vote, then trumpeting those results as if they are of any significance quite frankly is nonsense.

Many of you are probably active on Facebook and if you are, you may see posts on a pro Bernie Sanders group asking members to click a vote for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden as their choice for the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate. Of course Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in these polls by more than two to one. The Source of the these polls appearing on Facebook was Entertainment Buzz Daily. The link to that blog now leads to a Facebook page, Elections 2016, and a meme promoting Sanders for President, Share 4 Bernie. Then there is the overall likes on Facebook where the official Bernie Sanders Facebook page is out liking the official Hillary Clinton Facebook page. Facebook is a world easily manipulated, and what is happening on Facebook and in other social media platforms is not necessarily reflective of what is happening in the rest of America.

Bernie or Bust And Infiltration From The Right

Bernie or bust: Pledge to write-in Bernie Sanders”, is a movement that is being promoted by some claiming to support Bernie Sanders for President in 2016.

It is clear that the “Bernie or Bust” movement is not coming from Democrats or from Progressives and Liberals who find a home within the Democratic Party.  This is clearly Green Party operation which they say has;

“A strong bias against other Democrats and Republicans, because their leadership makes it virtually obligatory for them to accept oligarch dollars. As a lifelong independent scarcely funded at all by corporate dollars, strategically forced to run as a democrat, Bernie alone has our trust. If he doesn’t win the Democratic nomination-and if he fails to, it will de due simply to party propaganda we aim to vigorously to counteract-we plan to write him in the general election. In states where write-in votes aren’t counted, we plan to simply vote Green.”

The goal of this movement is:

“To apply leverage during Democratic primaries by conveying to voters 1,000,000+ voter-pledges to write-in Bernie Sanders during the general election.”

Recall that Vice President Gore lost the 2000 presidential election by somewhere between 537 and 1784 votes, and Ralph Nader, the Green Party nominee, received some 100,000 votes in Florida  making it highly probable that it was the Green Party vote in Florida which handed the Presidency to George W. Bush. The strategy to take one million plus votes away from the Democratic nominee if it isn’t Senator Sanders is a strategy designed to hand the 2016 Presidency to the Republican candidate.  This is a disaster in the making.

Take a look at Bernie University, a webpage run by something called the New York/New Jersey Border Group, which states that they are interested in:

“A national grassroots effort with the desire to elect Bernie Sanders as our president. We are clear that our participation does not end on election day, and clear that a revolutionary change requires revolutionary participation.”

This group, like Bernie or Bust, seems to be looking beyond the Democratic presidential nomination, beyond the 2016 presidential election, and waging revolution against the system no matter what.  Clearly, this does not seem like a group interested in electing a Democratic President.

America Rising is the Republican Super PAC created in 2013 arising out of the ashes of the failed candidacy of Mitt Romney which promotes itself as follows:

“We’re also looking forward to influencing the 2016 elections. The Washington Post and CNN have called America Rising the leading group on the right preparing for a Hillary Clinton candidacy, and the earliest sustained effort to begin defining future Democratic presidential contenders.  Follow our Hillary Clinton coverage here.”

The key is that it is the mission of America Rising to saturate all types of media with false, misleading, and negative material about Hillary Clinton while also promoting the false claim that a surging, populist, Bernie Sanders is poised to take down Secretary Clinton. Note the America Rising “#FeelTheBern” promotion on Twitter. And also take note of their video promoting  the crowds at Bernie events. The sad truth is that far too many Bernie supporters are not realizing how they are being duped into working for the election of a Republican President.

Karl Rove, the political mastermind behind the nightmare that was George W. Bush, oversees American Crossroads, another GOP Super Pac, which has dedicated itself to;

Carving a niche for itself in attacking Hillary Rodham Clinton, the presumed Democratic front-runner. The group will use polling data and opposition research to paint her as a typical politician who would say or do anything to get elected.”

Rove and America Crossroads have been very active on social media as they have:

“Sent out a steady stream of posts on social media attacking Mrs. Clinton,  some of them specifically designed to be spotted, and shared, by liberals.”

Consider the strategy now being advocated by the right, which is to have Bernie Sanders supporters promote the candidacy of Donald Trump while simultaneously attacking Hillary Clinton. The reasoning is:

“Trump will never win a general election against any Democrat. Sanders’ supporters should, instead, focus on the biggest obstacle Bernie has on his path toward the White House, i.e., Hillary Clinton. In national polls, Sanders trails Clinton by a wide margin.”

Recall that there were constant questions and calls from the press for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to seek the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Republicans were very interested in a possible Warren run as a means for weakening the wildly popular Hillary Clinton who, as of the end of April, 2015, was polling ahead of any potential Republican candidate by 10 points.  Once Senator Warren made it emphatically clear that she would not run, Republicans switched their fake support for a Democratic challenger to Clinton calling for Operation Chaos 2016, encouraging Republicans to give financial support to Senator Bernie Sanders in…

“A call to action for every Republican anxious to win back the White House in 2016…Republicans can strengthen Sanders’s financial position so that he will have ample resources to dog Clinton and turn her into a raging leftist during the primary season.”

There are literally hundreds of Facebook groups that are not connected to the official Bernie Sanders campaign, along with numerous webpages that are promoting Sanders and helping to organize on his behalf.  This is smart, grassroots politicking, something used by candidate Barack Obama to his benefit in 2008 and in 2012.   But, the questions are who are the people behind this effort and are they really interested in making Bernie Sanders the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee?

Daniela Perdomo, is the woman behind FeeltheBern.org. While Perdomo says that she previously had an interest in Sanders but didn’t know much about him, she is a former staff writer at alternet.org and apparently had never written a word about Bernie Sanders.

Perdomo and her brother are the creators of a device that helps SmartPhone users avoid charges on international calls.  Perhaps her interest in Sanders now has more to do with marketing her products to a new Bernieverse of young, tech savvy customers, more than in helping to make Senator Sanders the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.


Cyber Sabotage

Cyber Sabotage And Cyber Bullying

We recall that in early August an ill prepared Bernie Sanders had an event shut down by Black Lives Matter activists who took over the podium, grabbed the microphone, leading to Sanders walking away from the event. The Washington Post is now reporting twitter bullying of Black Lives Matter activists, and others, as;

“Sanders’s predominately white backers are targeting black activists and journalists who dare question the candidate’s civil rights record.”

The bullying by Bernie supporters on social media is well-known by anyone who has been politically active on Twitter or Facebook. While it is possible for HRC supporters to see that Bernie would be the better choice over any Republican if he were to win the Democratic nomination, many of his supporters can’t see that HRC would be a better choice over any Republican.  And the foulness of their interaction with HRC supporters on Twitter and Facebook can be down right disgusting.  The Washington Post article above is not the only example of media complaints that people claiming to support Bernie Sanders by attacking anyone who does not, are an embarrassment and a cause for concern. Take the comments that Allen Clifton, a writer at Forward Progressives, has received from unruly Sanders supporters from just two of his articles, as a further example.

This was posted by Lorraine Devon Wilke on the Huffington Post Blog after she received a dose of unruly, insulting, bashing by Bernie bullies on Facebook:

“If Bernie Sanders is to be the Democratic candidate in the presidential election, having a cadre of mouth-breathing thugs as his posse is not, I’d presume, the image he’d choose to convey.”

The behavior of the Bernie backers on social media has led to a petition to hold Sanders accountable for the activities by some of his followers on social media or to at least convince the Senator to acknowledge what those supporters are doing in his name.

On a personal note, this writer has been the victim of what can only be described as Cyber Sabotage having recently had my Facebook page taken down because of an organized and intentional action by certain supporters of candidate Sanders. Since Maeby Gever did not and would not support the bashing of candidate Clinton, or of any Democratic candidate, Maeby’s page had to go.

There are good Democrats among us who really do want to vote for Senator Sanders in a caucus or in a primary election. That is the right of the voter and it was once a lucid and valid position. True Democrats will discuss their candidates without vilifying other Democratic candidates, and after the dust settles they will come together with their party to support the Democratic nominee.

But America is now in trouble because of the Bernie media storm. The good Democrats who prefer Senator Sanders as their candidate have been overwhelmed and taken over by a deception in the form of false Democrats who are Green Party supporters dedicated to destroying the two-party system, or by Libertarians and right-wing Republicans who have no intention of ever voting for the Democratic nominee in any election ever. The Bernie Sanders candidacy, which once was a good opportunity for Democrats to clarify their positions on issues, has now become a club used against us by the real opposition to bash ourselves in the head and to cause division and strife between us.This we must not allow, and it is why the candidacy of Bernie Sanders must be rejected.


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