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May 23, 2018

Treacherous Trump

I’m telling you again: This man is dangerous. He emulates Hitler again, this time targeting Paul Ryan.

Let me be clear, people: The reason many notable GOP personalities, both in and out of elected office, are lining up against this guy is that they clearly recognize that he is the most serious threat to constitutional rule of law this country has ever seen.

He’s already changing every rule there’s ever been in the GOP. He’s openly insulting the most respected officials they have. He’s going all out (using his obvious flair for inflammatory mob rhetoric) to incite his Trump-waffen to intimidate and harass everyone and everything that attempts to restrain his full-blown bully blast assault on taking the White House.

I also guarantee you that he has somehow manipulated this continuing travesty about Hillary Clinton’s email server. Nobody in the GOP really wants this to continue, but they’re divided into two camps over it: one made up of those who want to fold, kowtow, avoid his harassment and survive, as opposed to the camp that sees the danger he represents to not only the country’s name and well being, but the democratic rule of law as defined in the constitution. Both camps are scared of this man, too, as well they should be:  The historical similarities to Hitler (and Mussolini) are too striking to ignore.

It’s already been revealed that he studies Hitler’s speeches, but it was pretty obvious. I don’t say he wants another holocaust, this time targeting Mexican immigrants and anyone who’s Islamic. I do say he understands the power of anti ethnic sentiment and fear and isn’t at all shy about provoking the associated resentment just to get a mob excited.

It’s a nasty, divisive affront to everything the Constitution is and stands for. But he likes the first part and doesn’t give a damn about the second.
Trump regards the Constitution as an annoying excuse people give for why he shouldn’t say or do whatever he needs to in order to get his way. He’s already redefining it as suits his convenience, talking about the “respected Constitutional scholars” to make his points.

The fact is he’s misquoting actual respected Constitutional experts. And the ones who are actually siding with him? Are nothing of the kind; they’re right wing fringe radio folk espousing hateful ideas offensive to everything about the Constitution, but curiously, claiming they DO this in the “spirit of the Constitution and the founding fathers who framed it.” Seriously.

But the most dangerous divisive skill he has is the one most of us don’t seem to grasp: His ability to divide the opposition moderates with dismissive comments regarding the most dangerous positions he takes for his frightened white base folk.

He really does this. He does it again and again and again… and NOBODY calls him on it. He’s an established and easily verifiable liar…Check for yourself.

But among his worst bits of ugly there’s this.

He used a rich kids’ medical deferment to dodge the draft in the 1960s… while repeatedly being proudly photographed wearing team uniforms and athletic gear. Now he insults American heroes like John McCain, while being ready to cast thousands of American service people into “whatever it takes to QUICKLY destroy ISIS”.

Here’s the thing though; there is no way to quickly destroy ISIS that would not require the the deliberate wholesale slaughter of thousands of non combatants. This is FACT. It would be necessary to order American service members and their commanders to knowingly plan and carry out mass bombings, and to knowingly commit war crimes.And here’s the kicker: Many will refuse. And THEN, people, we’re in trouble.

I end as I began:This man is dangerous, a pathological liar, who has a track record for circumventing every rule that has ever gotten in his way. But his car salesman-on-steroids ‘gift of gab’ and ability to verbally dismiss those lies…before going out to repeat them hours later…would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that NO ONE is calling him on it. So it’s working; -which makes it anything but funny.

We’d damn well better stop assuming we’ve got this. There’s never been a candidate like this and we cannot assume ANYTHING.

Hey; I’m just sayin’…And this time, you need to hear…Really)


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