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May 23, 2018

The Battle Dirge of the Republic

You made excuses and ruses
And egregious misuses
Of all we hold sacred;
You misplayed it to the hilt
Until you almost killed
Almost all of us with lies.
So many were unwise
And fell for each guise
Every smiling mask
And gave them what they asked
So they could bask in false glory.

We didn’t notice our story
Did not match the tale as told
And before the ink could grow old
Each criminal prophet grew more bold
And, changing the names of blessings
They continued messing around
Until our Constitution was on the ground
Trampled in the dirt by those
Who cannot ever be hurt.

Because they bribe those of us
Who have missed the bus
Somewhere back in elementary school
When they didn’t play by the rules
And we didn’t learn what cheating looked like;
Didn’t tell the cheats to take a hike
And let us get on with making better
The world they were destroying by the letter
Just as they tore up the words
Of those who started us all and heard
Our voices of blood and pain.
They are greedy enough to want us to fail again.

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Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid, born in Kansas City, Missouri just before WWII ended, moved to Hollywood in 1967 to pursue a career as a singer, actor and freelance artist. A gay man all his life, he began to take gay pride issues seriously and marched in the first Pride Parade in Hollywood in 1970. As years went by, he kept writing poetry, and painting while maintaining employment at a series of jobs over the years, finally moving to Kauai, Hawaii in 2003 where he now works as an artist and writer. He has been published nationally and also recently in The Blue Route. In his work you will find he is politically motivated as well as a teller of stories about the America in which he grew up.
Brent Kincaid

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