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April 24, 2018

Seriously Angry

I am very seriously angry
My government has gone mad.
It seems to be out to get me
And take all I ever had.
Once I was proud of my country
And got a swell in my throat
When I heard the national anthem.
That was before they stole my vote.

That was before I discovered
This country had been co-opted.
That was before the theme of hatred
Had been officially adopted.
That was when animals were safe
And our national resources were too.
Now my government wants to destroy
The birthright owing to me and you.

That was before being rich
Was the only way to be fairly safe.
That was before the government
Chose to put their weapons on strafe.
That was before the wealthy
Could do what all they might want
And before they felt it was their right
To go on television and flaunt.

They flaunt their hatred of women,
The poor and the weak and sick.
That was before I could not deny
Our country had become a dick;
A horrifyingly rich and powerful
Banana republic, we’re the worst.
Forget the land of the free,
Corporate wefare queens come first.

Equality and protection are gone
Unless you are a millionaire.
And even then you must adhere
To the party line or beware.
They are a greediest collection
Of liars, and evil band of crooks
That have ever been in control;
The leaders are cooking the books.

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Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid, born in Kansas City, Missouri just before WWII ended, moved to Hollywood in 1967 to pursue a career as a singer, actor and freelance artist. A gay man all his life, he began to take gay pride issues seriously and marched in the first Pride Parade in Hollywood in 1970. As years went by, he kept writing poetry, and painting while maintaining employment at a series of jobs over the years, finally moving to Kauai, Hawaii in 2003 where he now works as an artist and writer. He has been published nationally and also recently in The Blue Route. In his work you will find he is politically motivated as well as a teller of stories about the America in which he grew up.
Brent Kincaid

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