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August 23, 2017

Barack Obama

Hope In Disastrous Times

I will not be home today. I will not be near a television. I will not bear witness to the most dignified President of my lifetime handing over the keys to the country to the man who could not be more his opposite if he were created in a lab with that express purpose. I

We Gave Him A Chance, He Blew It

This is for all those people who say, “give him a chance.” The thing is, he WAS given a chance. The media made him the biggest star in the biggest reality show on Earth (and no, I’m not talking about “The Apprentice”). Imagine all the good he could have done with that chance. Instead, he

It’s On Us

People are going to look for someone to blame for this. Hillary wasn’t a good enough candidate. The republicans offered too little resistance in the primary. The media did a piss poor job of reporting on Trump. Wikileaks, Comey, etc. All of that may be true. However, on this awful morning for those of us who

The Year of the Reset

Every presidential election has its moments when the campaigns reset. Momentum surges eventually peter out and the other side regains its footing. Huge leads are often wiped out as the race tightens. Sometimes (1988) an early lead by one side – Dukakis – turns out to be an inevitable win by the other – Bush.

The Long Goodbye

  It’s hard to believe in another person. Hell, it’s hard to believe in yourself. Twelve years ago I started to believe in a person. I started to believe in a politician. As foolhardy a faith as has ever been invented. People let you down, man. Politicians make it into an art. But I was right to do so,

Who Has It Wrong On Trade Policy?

Those on the left who believe that all international trade agreements are inherently bad for American business, have joined with those on the right.  This hostility, created by  Senator Sanders and other opponents of international trade agreements, has been unfairly designed to harm President Obama “while also impeding the chances of Secretary Hillary Clinton becoming

The False Sanders Is The Next Obama Analogy

Many of the real and the fake supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders for President will tell you that the 2016 Sanders candidacy will mirror 2008, when a relatively unknown and unaccomplished Senator Barack Obama overtook the early overwhelming favorite, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, to win the Democratic nomination, and went on to be the twice

What the Hell Did Rudolph Giuliani Ever Do Anyway?

Remember “America’s Mayor?” The guy in charge of NYC when the towers fell on September 11, 2001? He held press conferences, walked in the streets with his citizenry, went on talk shows and helped lead off Saturday Night Live’s post 9/11 return. The plaudits this man engendered and bathed in were voluminous. To this day, there

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