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June 28, 2017

Brent Kincaid

Let People Be Free.

Let people be free. Let the people see. Don’t hide any more, Behind closed doors. Come out into the sun There is work to be done And for better or worse The people come first. Our current incentives To our representatives Should not be the cash From planning a crash. They have solid connections Of

Land Of The Fleeced, Home Of The Played

“Oh say can you see, any democracy? If you can, please understand It won’t come from the G.O.P.” Here is a statement of fact you won’t hear very often. Our government as it stands now, our businesses, and far too large a section of our populace absolutely abhor the people. They write laws, bribe those

Uncle Jeff

When I was just a little kid Uncle Jeff talked to me About the things people said As opposed to what I could see. He cautioned me to listen And watch people carefully He promised me an education, Just made for little me. Do they walk their talk When no one is around? Do they

Donnie And Vladimir

Donnie and Vladimir In a dacha by the sea H. U. M. P. I. N. G. They’re humping freedom And democracy. Sooner or later they will Get to you and me. Vlad likes people On their knees the best. And Donnie will do Anything for a Family crest. They both want to become Dictators for

There We Are

I am you and you are me We are them and they are we. We’re all one, if they’d just see We’re joined in our humanity. We are mostly similarity; Human souls in multiplicity. It’s how we’ll succeed eventually. We’re branches of the same tree. We’re only different in our names For the most part,

They Kill Children For Money

Horrible, soul-less dissemblers Who kill children for money Who starve children to put More money into their banks With secret accounts off-shore And want to make more and more. Too much money to even score Because the books are cooked To let them kill more children For money because they think it’s funny To starve

Tea for the Trumperman

You should brew a batch Of a tea that makes you bright And if it works the rest of us Can get some sleep at night Because whatever tea you drink As you plow your awful road Is making you a truly lethal kind Of hairy, ugly poisonous toad. Tea for the Trumperman For him

Daddy’s Wish

My daddy wants Republicans Standing in a line Then ship them all to Moscow That would be just fine. Then after all is said and done There shouldn’t be any fuss Since that is exactly what They want to do to us. They can try graft and corruption In any foreign war zone; Dead, like

Jesus Never Said….

Ain’t no blacks going to heaven And none of them Godless Jews. Only real white folks are going. Let me tell you the real news. And them A-rabs, just forget it That’s just not going to happen. Shouldn’t line up on judgment day; I’ll go down the line and slap ‘em. It says right there


You didn’t learn from Reagan You didn’t learn from Dubya And you will not learn from Trump And his minions and what have you. Instead, like a drunken junky You search for some magic pill That we can take and instantly Cure all our country’s various ills. You let in a multiple bankrupter Then call

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