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August 20, 2017

Brent Kincaid

The Alt-Right

Our way is the right way Just like Hitler has shown. We will carry automatic weapons And you must leave us alone. Keep your liberal mouths shut Give KKK politicians a pass. If you don’t our President will Okay thugs to kick your ass. You had your own way too long With jerks like that

Dump A Trump

We should throw a party and then Dump a Trump Give Trump lumps Make him jump. Drag him over the same kind of bumps He dragged us and laughed at us. Dump a Trump! Deserves a massive thump; He’s a whiny grump! Dump a Trump! Anyone who has the name of Trump Should kiss our


You promised us you’d make the country great again And that you would build a Mexican wall. You said you’d make America bigly wonderful And that you were the smartest of them all. You said you’d keep the immigrants from coming To take away our jobs and ruin our land. You finally came around to


Oh, frightening times, How do we survive? How do we rise above? How can we contrive To put villains away So they can’t harm again? What words will protect us From these kinds of evil men. Is there a magic charm Or a divine incantation Spoken by some priest Or by an adept magician That

The Lavender Letter

  Over the passage of time Things got slowly better. I began to hold my head up; Rejected that lavendar letter; The big “F” I had to wear. It originally meant ‘fairy’. Later it meant faggot, but They still called me ‘Mary”. They called me ‘“he-she” And hurtful words like “shim” When they referred to


Our reputation never had a chance Since the fat boy did his dance. Here he is to ruin the land! Mighty Mouth’s underhand! He has never had a single clue Not a thought for me or you. He stays surrounded by some total jerks Who always nod “okay” No matter what he says he wants

Letting Myself Hate

I let myself hate some people, Just this once, without remorse. It isn’t that they couldn’t be better But they certainly couldn’t be worse. When I see someone hurting others Just because they know they can I begin to doubt if they really are Still what we could call a man. Or a woman, it’s

Marching Orders

I know just where I’m going And what I have to do I’ve looked into alternatives And discovered what is true. I’ve got my mind made up I’m in possession of the facts I recognize the pitfalls And how confusion acts. There is a higher road And I am going to take it. I am

Sermon And A Soapbox

The man stood on a box In the middle of the park, When people walked by The old boy would bark “It’s in the Bible,” he cried. And some people would ask What is in the Bible, sir?” Prepared to take him to task. “Everything’s in there, friend!” He answered with a smile Feeling the

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