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March 18, 2018

Bruce Lindner

Double Dog Dare, McConnell

(Spoiler Alert: this is SATIRE) Sorry gang, I’m with McConnell on this one. This Garland guy sounds like a bum. He’s not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court, because he’s not an authority on Constitutional Law. He was a judge on the DC Court of Appeals. Pffffttt…small potatoes. This president’s already seated two Associate

You Go Donald

There’s something a little troubling going on at Fox News—no, I mean beyond the usual—and it should trouble everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike. Donald Trump, who by every measure, is a horse’s ass unlike any other, has been targeted for extermination. I can’t stand the man myself, but his candidacy has revealed the true nature

Dump Trump

Dear Media; I’m begging you here, please, please, PLEASE don’t treat Donald Trump as if he’s deserving of the respect he craves. We’ve got seventeen months to go before the election, and I just don’t think I can take it. He’s not running for President. He’s running for class clown, and this shameful shtick is

Why Hasn’t Obama Fixed the Income Gap?

The 1950s—1960s: unparalleled economic expansion and job growth. Tax rates for the top earners under Ike, JFK, LBJ and even Nixon ranged between 70% and 90%. The post-war middle class was an economic dynamo of production and consumption. 1980s: Enter the “Conservative Movement.” Reagan cuts top tax rates touting “trickle down” theory. Top rates now

The Conservative ‘Victory’ in the UK

I was amused by the conservative media’s coverage of last week’s elections in the UK. Not surprisingly, they sort of skipped over the fair and balanced part, and went right to the cherry-picking. The Conservatives definitely had a good day. Labor got knocked back on their heels, and within a nanosecond, the Moonbat blogosphere erupted.

Some Unsolicited Advice to Hillary Clinton

Not that she asked me, but here’s my advice to Hillary Clinton: Begin your run for the White House by confronting the Republican talking points. Immerse yourself in them. Bask in them. Revel in them. OWN them! When some conservative “journalist” so much as utters the word Benghazi, say; “You know Brit, I’m glad you

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