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March 18, 2018

Chris Braun

Trumpcare by EO

President Donald Trump plans to end a key set of Obamacare subsidies that helped lower-income enrollees pay for health care, the White House said Thursday, a dramatic move that raises questions about the law’s future. – CNN LOOK: This is an act of purest spite. Nothing more. Be clear on this: This emphatically racist waste of

Attacks on the Free Press

“President Donald Trump has said a lot of bad things about the media since he started running for president two-plus years ago. He’s suggested that the press doesn’t really like America. He has said the media is the “enemy of the American people.” He has repeatedly called journalists the “most dishonest” people. He has worked to paint news stories he

Note to Mayor Cruz

We ALL wish he’d stop, ma’am. But don’t you hold your breath waiting, either… Your people need you, Madam Mayor, and little-Don CAN’T stop hurtful comments;it’s nearly all he does. Plus in your case? There’re THREE things he hates about you, specifically: You’re a woman (and a strong one at that) You’re a Spanish-speaking American

Crimes Against Humanity in Puerto Rico

A set of independent reports on the ground from the worst Caribbean disaster since Haiti and Montserrat continue to reflect a situation worsening in the face of what can only be intentional “ignorance” (as in deliberately being ignored and/or blown off) is pronounced a “good news story” -in the face of factual contradiction- by the very little-Don pretender administration

WikiLeaks has Become a de facto Russian contractor

Who exactly is surprised to learn that WikiLeaks is NOT trying to hack Donald Trump’s tax returns? Seriously. WikiLeaks has become a de facto Russian contractor…and Vladimir Putin wants Donald Trump to be president. While his tax returns would make clear that not only he has a LOT less money than he claims, but most

Due Process v. the Common Good

DUE PROCESS? REALLY? The NRA is opposed to restricting those on the Terrorism Watch List from buying Guns. Because of “Due Process Concerns?” I’m totally serious; that’s what they say. But the way it plays is this: Anybody can find themselves put on the terrorism watch list…even by mistake. Or somebody could report you from

I Might Have Belted Him, Too.

I suppose that smacking this guy with baseball bat COULD be considered a bit over the top…Or not, frankly. This supposed “minister of Christ regularly stands outside Arizona events, and high schools. He’s not spreading the word of Christ. He’s preaching hate. Listen to his own damn recording: He calls high school girls whores; and

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