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August 20, 2017

Chris Braun

WikiLeaks has Become a de facto Russian contractor

Who exactly is surprised to learn that WikiLeaks is NOT trying to hack Donald Trump’s tax returns? Seriously. WikiLeaks has become a de facto Russian contractor…and Vladimir Putin wants Donald Trump to be president. While his tax returns would make clear that not only he has a LOT less money than he claims, but most

Right to Life v. the 2nd Amendment

A denial of your Constitutional RIGHTS?!? REALLY? What the hell are you claiming a “right” about? Is it the right to worship as you see fit? NO! Is it your right to free speech, regardless of the topic or what anybody thinks about it? NO! Is it your right to see yourself as you choose

Due Process v. the Common Good

DUE PROCESS? REALLY? The NRA is opposed to restricting those on the Terrorism Watch List from buying Guns. Because of “Due Process Concerns?” I’m totally serious; that’s what they say. But the way it plays is this: Anybody can find themselves put on the terrorism watch list…even by mistake. Or somebody could report you from

I Might Have Belted Him, Too.

I suppose that smacking this guy with baseball bat COULD be considered a bit over the top…Or not, frankly. This supposed “minister of Christ regularly stands outside Arizona events, and high schools. He’s not spreading the word of Christ. He’s preaching hate. Listen to his own damn recording: He calls high school girls whores; and

No Rape Tonight

BRAVO! These women ROCK! Look, I am NO saint. I like women. I love physical intimacy (which is more than just “sex”) blah-blah-blah. But rape is rape, and in any form should appall and anger everyone of either sex, and, that’s especially true of you as a man. Why doesn’t it? For all of our

Treacherous Trump

I’m telling you again: This man is dangerous. He emulates Hitler again, this time targeting Paul Ryan. Let me be clear, people: The reason many notable GOP personalities, both in and out of elected office, are lining up against this guy is that they clearly recognize that he is the most serious threat to constitutional

True Courage

Now, THIS is courage. Yeah. The thing that angers me most about rape is the degrading, painful terror experienced by the victim. I cannot (I’m grateful to say) ever understand that horror…and shame. I’ve known some bloody horrors in my life, but NOTHING that can compare. Then there’s this awesome author…Jessica Knoll. This young woman

The PROBLEM, Mr. Trump…

No surprise here. Trump is taking stands of political convenience that are in stark contrast to those expressed all his life. What a shocker, huh? He’s also employing violence-based rhetoric and calling for unconstitutional policies that are offensive to American honor and an embarrassment before the world. Policies that have no chance of being implemented,

Trump Goes Global

An open letter to my frightened, gracelessly aging white American brethren AND sistren: Trump recently insulted another world neighbor, Belgium, evoking this response from Anne Frank’s stepsister: If Donald Trump become the next president of the U.S. it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism.” Listen

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