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August 23, 2017

civil rights

Race, Dallas, Tragedy, & Judge Jeanine

This past week has been one of trial and tribulation for this country, one capstoned by the rogue actions of a disenfranchised radical, and one in which the chasm splitting the American psyche has never been more apparent. Rather than stoop to our baser nature, we need to unite as a common people, focusing our

Repulsican Rap

Don’t expect evil men to do good things, They are sick and twisted and addicted To the bastardy they do. It’s up to you. You must block them and defrock them; Throw them out of your political party Give a hardy heave-ho, so they know, Because any word but ‘no’ means yes, And to them

At the Gates of Dumbasses

“Four great gates has the city of Damascus And four Great Wardens, on their spears reclining, All day long stand like tall stone men . . . .” With apologies to poet James Elroy Flecker, a confluence of real and imagined events, polling and the storied proclivities of the palmetto state may in six short

Raised In A World Where:

I could not wear pink shirts I could not wear fuzzy sweaters I could not talk in my normal voice. I had to change genders When talking about my dates. I could not keep my boyfriend’s picture On my desk like everyone else did Around the cluttered desks of others. I could not talk at

Changing Our World

We were the ones, Self-chosen ones, And we had seen enough. And we had heard enough To be tired of the drama; The games that our mamas And our Papas played The plans they laid That so often did not work. The pensions and the perks That so often left them bitter Mumbling curses about

Creating a Bubble

How do we know what we know? Or better said, how do we know what we think we know but didn’t see or experience? Communication is a field of expertise where many studies have been done and many theories developed to explain what reality is (ontology), how we know (epistemology), and what is worth knowing

Star Trek and Lieutenant Uhura’s Fine Brown Legs

Those legs, man… Photo Credit: Gradient Lair.com When a lot of folks my age think of Star Trek’s early years, I’m guessing they’re maybe thinking of Captain James T. Kirk, or ‘Beam Me Up’ Scotty. Or the most famous pointed ears of all time, Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. Then again, maybe it’s the Starship Enterprise, which had

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