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September 22, 2017


Fool School

This nation is in Fool School Taking all the classes Taught by a clique of nearly Brainless evil asses. Making up the facts, they do Exactly what they’re told. They’re replacing our integrity With lies they are sold. Do you believe in equal rights And children who are fed? The monsters in charge all say

My Country

My country does not believe in equality. It buys excuses for elitism and misogyny. It covers up its greed and its brutality And makes up ugly labels for decency. My country sings its songs about freedom But often denies it to those who need some. It celebrates our heritage with beer and rum And marches

Republican Credo

WishyWashington D.C., you see, consistently. They flip and they flop And they never seem to stop Unless we are talking about blacks Then they never take anything back. They want our wonderful free nation To turn back into a great big plantation Where the only people who have rights Are the wealthiest of all of

Republican National Anthem

We are the Republicans! Kneel and bow! We are superior! All kowtow! We deal in campaign funds Hand and fist. We believe in oligarchy With a twist! We hate democracy We spit in our hats. We hate all poor people Especially Democrats. We think equality Is a crime. Back to the nineteenth century Double-time. There

Camp Song

I have a wish Though it seems unlikely Hey Liley, Liley, Lo. Arresting the GOP Going on nightly, Hey Liley, Liley, Lo. It’s a lovely dream It can’t start to early Pick them up By their short and curlies. I don’t know, But I’ve been told Republican pockets Are stuffed with gold! Sound off! One

Republican Rash

          My butt’s all sore From ass kicks about my lifestyle! My neighbor’s sore From raising a child from rape. Meanwhile the GOP and friends Are thumping on their Bibles And driving our country to ruin Each  running around wearing a cape. I’ve got a very bad case Of the Republican

Death By GOP

We’re slowly dying of thirst In the desert of Trickle Down. Allowing politicians to lie And constantly fool around With the laws, rewording them So, they leave us all out. Today, that’s what being a Republican is all about The GOP takes money And waves it in our face. They don’t know the meaning Of


There may be a heaven And maybe a hell But there is one thing I know damn well; There are devils around And they do their worst To put the working man Into a poor man’s hearse. They hate poor people And kiss the royal ass Of those who they think Represent real class. And

Here’s To The Little People

  HERE’S TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE Here’s to the little people That means you and I. We create the economy With the things we buy. The rich people object; They say they are the best By squeezing the lifeblood Out of all of the rest. What the rich don’t take directly They steal by increasing

Federal Reserve: Not What You Think It Is.

*** NOTE: While reading Brad Thor’s thriller Hidden Order about a threat to the Federal Reserve, I came across the shortest, most easy to understand description of our banking system in all its ugly glory. The section is from 119 to 131 in my paperback, but I edited down to three pages. I urge you

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