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August 23, 2017


Watching The News Blues

Kinda lost, as a matter of fact No kind of tricks I can use To help me to recover from The Watching The News Blues. There is no way I seem to Be able to pay enough dues To help me avoid getting The Watching The News Blues. Politicians stuffing ballot boxes Some senator raping

Republican Credo

WishyWashington D.C., you see, consistently. They flip and they flop And they never seem to stop Unless we are talking about blacks Then they never take anything back. They want our wonderful free nation To turn back into a great big plantation Where the only people who have rights Are the wealthiest of all of

Dummocraps And Repub-Lie-Cons

  The Dummocraps and Repub-LIE-CONs Are engaged in a devastating war. The Repub-LIE-CONs hate everyone The Dummocraps hate decisions more. While the Repub-LIE-CONs are engaged In selling away the public’s rights, The Dummocraps fight among themselves And bring confusion to the fight. So, the Repub-LIE-CONs don’t need To bother tearing Dummocraps down, They just stand

Republican National Anthem

We are the Republicans! Kneel and bow! We are superior! All kowtow! We deal in campaign funds Hand and fist. We believe in oligarchy With a twist! We hate democracy We spit in our hats. We hate all poor people Especially Democrats. We think equality Is a crime. Back to the nineteenth century Double-time. There

Camp Song

I have a wish Though it seems unlikely Hey Liley, Liley, Lo. Arresting the GOP Going on nightly, Hey Liley, Liley, Lo. It’s a lovely dream It can’t start to early Pick them up By their short and curlies. I don’t know, But I’ve been told Republican pockets Are stuffed with gold! Sound off! One

Republican Rash

          My butt’s all sore From ass kicks about my lifestyle! My neighbor’s sore From raising a child from rape. Meanwhile the GOP and friends Are thumping on their Bibles And driving our country to ruin Each  running around wearing a cape. I’ve got a very bad case Of the Republican

Repulsican Rap

Don’t expect evil men to do good things, They are sick and twisted and addicted To the bastardy they do. It’s up to you. You must block them and defrock them; Throw them out of your political party Give a hardy heave-ho, so they know, Because any word but ‘no’ means yes, And to them

Stand Up, America

They moved your district So your vote goes astray In order to invalidate you In each and every way. Stand up, America. Stand up. Wise up, America. Stand up. They point fingers at you And call you ugly names Demand your rights as equals They ignore you just the same. Stand up, America. Stand up.

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