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March 19, 2018

Department of Justice

The Trump Miniseries Fantasy Cast Volume One: The DOJ and the FBI

Over the next few weeks (good god, it’s going to take that long), I will be fantasy casting all the parts for the trump mini-series that will surely be in the offing in just a couple of years. I will be starting with the Justice Department. This is group one. The Justice Department and FBI.*

The Looming Constitutional Crisis

It is now all but certain that Donald Trump will attempt to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The only questions that remain are how and when. Six months into this travesty of an administration and what we have is a West Wing in disarray, cabinet members who are in over their heads and a chief

Now It’s Mueller’s Investigation

The announcement by Rod Rosenstein that he has appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to take over the Russia investigation is encouraging, and for two reasons: First, it’s a ray of hope for millions of Americans who were rightly concerned that the wheels were coming off this democracy. Two, it’s a thorough rebuke to this

Comey Finally Grows A Pair

No doubt it may seem like too little too late up in Chappaqua, but FBI Director James Comey finally put Donald Trump in his place. Responding to Trump’s ridiculous claim that Barack Obama wiretapped his penthouse suite at Trump Tower, Comey asked the Department of Justice to “publicly refute” the claim saying it is “false

Once Again the Media Is Falling for the False Equivalence Argument

Well that was nice while it lasted. For a couple of days, the media was all over the story of Jeff Sessions’ meetings with the Russian ambassador; that is after they spent pretty much all of Wednesday falling over themselves complementing Der Führer on his State of the Union Address. For the last time, pin-heads,

Michael Brown Did Not Die In Vain

Former Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson, executed Michael Brown on August 9, 2013. A Saint Louis County Grand Jury declined to charge Officer Wilson with any offenses arising out of the shooting of Michael Brown. The United States Department of Justice also declined to prosecute Officer Wilson for any civil rights violations in connection with the

Idiots’ Delight: The Best In Stupid From The First Half Of 2013

  Back by popular demand – well, six people may not seem like a lot to you, but around my neck of the woods it’s practically a mob – Idiots’ Delight makes its “triumphant” return to these vaunted pages, with one small, but not insignificant, change. Instead of the usual monthly segment, I’ve decided to

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