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March 19, 2018

Donald Trump

The Trump Miniseries Fantasy Cast Volume Three: The Axis Of Evil

Having completed the casting for the DOJ and the Communications team, I now move on to the Axis of Evil. Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Roger Stone. Bruce McGill as Steve Bannon. Who the hell is Bruce McGill, you might ask? A long-serving and far too under appreciated character actor. He has over 150 credits on

The Trump Miniseries Fantasy Cast Volume One: The DOJ and the FBI

Over the next few weeks (good god, it’s going to take that long), I will be fantasy casting all the parts for the trump mini-series that will surely be in the offing in just a couple of years. I will be starting with the Justice Department. This is group one. The Justice Department and FBI.*

Putin and the Social Media Threat To Our Democracy

The indictment handed down by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller of 13 individuals and 3 organizations is the first physical evidence we’ve seen that validates what every intelligence agency has been saying for over a year: that Vladimir Putin meddled in the 2016 election. The indictment reads in pertinent part: Defendant ORGANIZATION had a strategic goal

In The Age Of Trump, McConnell, And Ryan, Adulting Is Hard

I agree that the DEMS do not look tough today. All they got from McConnell for breaking the shithole shutdown was a promise from McConnell (ask Susan Collins how those work out) to take up DACA within three weeks. Which seems pretty ambitious for the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. Even if they do, who

Shitholers Of The World Unite

My people traversed the Atlantic from Ireland. Despite being of the palest of pallor, they arrived here not even thought of as white. You see, Irish people were considered dirty. Lesser than. The other. That’s why my predecessors changed their name from O’Kane to Caines. To better hide their history and assimilate among the bigots

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