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March 18, 2018


And the Beat Goes On: Mega-rich Get Richer. Society Crumbles.

  While most of us have been taking our kids to Little League games, betting on the Super Bowl, taking an occasional vacation and waiting for the American Dream to become a reality, we haven’t noticed something important happening all around us. Society has been crumbling at the edges for the last several decades. This

Trade agreements

The United States currently has trade agreements with 20 different countries. Trade agreements are necessary to even the playing field between countries. The WTO is a 154 member organization that sets, and enforces rules for trade, among countries. Opponents of trade agreements maintain that they cost US jobs. NAFTA is one most often mentioned. Opponents

A Few Years From Now….(SATIRE)

  We have a special report. As we get ready for Hillary Clinton’s second inauguration, let’s look back on the last few years.  Remember the sound that was heard all over the south, but especially in Texas, the day Hillary was elected?  Some thought it was an invasion from outer space while others thought it was President Obama

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