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May 23, 2017


Look Down

Look down. Is your money slipping away As if it never was? And can you not figure out What is the basic cause? Look down. Are your hands not quite beige And are there calluses there? Then your Trump Republicans In Congress don’t really care. Look down. Are you a pregnant woman Who has no

Pity The Democrats

Pity the wimpy Democrats They suffer in defeat. Year after year they don’t learn Like Republicans you must cheat. Stuff all the ballot boxes And monkey with the machines. You’ll never get a damn thing done If you keep the elections clean. And band together solidly With your chosen party. Lie and cheat and dissemble

Ignoble Cause

We are suffering today From a disease called hypocrisy. And it is the basest enemy Of freedom in democracy. It substitutes a dollar amount For lives and souls and hope And tantalizes the population With TV, booze and dope. By the time the population Wakes up and catches on A new batch of crooks exist

Voter Registration

Hillary Clinton has called for automatic voter registration and I agree but I would go much further than that. Those born in this country are automatically assigned a social security number at birth and their parents send for it so they can deduct their children on their taxes and for other reasons. Why not do


I don’t know if anybody else has noticed but those republicans seem to get more delusional every day. Mike Huckabee quit Fox because he fully expects god to tell him to run for president. Come on Mikey, do you really think god cares about this little speck of dust we call earth? If he did

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