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September 22, 2017


They Kill Children For Money

Horrible, soul-less dissemblers Who kill children for money Who starve children to put More money into their banks With secret accounts off-shore And want to make more and more. Too much money to even score Because the books are cooked To let them kill more children For money because they think it’s funny To starve

My Country

My country does not believe in equality. It buys excuses for elitism and misogyny. It covers up its greed and its brutality And makes up ugly labels for decency. My country sings its songs about freedom But often denies it to those who need some. It celebrates our heritage with beer and rum And marches

War Chant

Korea Vietnam Grenada Iraq So many lost lives We can never take back; So many bullshit wars We all have lost track. Panama Serbia Syria Iraq What were we really doing there? When did they attack us? Where? When did they threaten my liberty To buy an extra big SUV? When did they land here

Do Angels Cry?

When children go hungry; And even water is scarce, When they have no shoes And no country leader cares. When school is too expensive And illness goes unchecked, Whose cause advances As the economy is wrecked? Greed is often the reason If you ask yourself why. Neglect and starvation Makes the angels cry. When parents

I Don’t Believe You

  I don’t believe you! All you say is a pack of lies. If you tell the truth It will come as a big surprise. You’re unaffected by the truth You lie, each time you speak If you could find a way to do it You’d lie about the days of the week. You’re as

Camp Song

I have a wish Though it seems unlikely Hey Liley, Liley, Lo. Arresting the GOP Going on nightly, Hey Liley, Liley, Lo. It’s a lovely dream It can’t start to early Pick them up By their short and curlies. I don’t know, But I’ve been told Republican pockets Are stuffed with gold! Sound off! One

Battle For The Republic

  We battled for our freedom What a shame to lose it now. We need to fight again. Make some swords out of our ploughs. The enemy is within us Look around, you’ll see them now. Don’t let the crazies win! Glory doesn’t come so easy. Politicians can be sleazy. Dopey, Grumpy Doc and Sneezy

Jammin’ With Mammon

Jammin’ with Mammon. Hyped to the max. Finding those loopholes Paying no tax. Slammin’ for Mammon. Foreclosing on life. You died too soon? We’ll tax your wife. Jammin’ with Mammon The world by the tail. Lie cheat and swindle Don’t worry about bail. Swimmin’ like salmon Against the stream. Dealing from the bottom; Living the

I Matter

I am not a number I am not a cypher. I am a real live person Not a hypothetical one. I am part of a portion Of the total population Not an ignorable thing Only fit for eliminating If it suits a demographic, Budgeted body politic; Something looked upon As something better gone. By some

A Pontiff For All Seasons

I’ve thought long and hard about what it is about this Pope that seems to drive conservatives up the proverbial wall, and I know what it is. Pope Francis gets it. All of it. This Pope understands what it truly means to be a Christian. It is not an easy walk. It requires humility, compassion

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