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March 18, 2018

gun control

6 Ways to Defeat the NRA and Pro-Terrorist Senators

As you know by now, 47 Senators chose to vote against gun regulations that would, at a minimum, keep guns away from suspected terrorists. Clearly they love the NRA more than they love America. Senator Chris Murphy said it all: Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS. That automatic weapons are the new airplanes

Nothing’s Changed. We’re Still Screwed

Let’s get one thing straight. What happened in San Bernardino was no 9/11.  Yes, it was a terrorist attack, but it pales in comparison to what happened that fateful September morning fourteen years ago. While the FBI continues to search for clues as the exact motivation behind this mass murder, this much is certain. Young

We Can’t Afford To Be Wrong!

Every time we must choose a new president there are important things to consider. Occasionally we get the opportunity to choose between two very good people, and the choice should be made by their stances on the issues, their experiences and their chances of defeating whoever represents the GOP.  There are going to be pluses

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