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August 23, 2017


A Few Good Questions

Have you ever wanted to meet Christopher Columbus just before he sailed? Would you like to have chatted With Oscar Wilde while he was in jail? Or maybe you could discuss with William Shakespeare about young Hamlet? Discuss modern religion with Buddha Precisely to see if he could even handle it? Maybe see Cleopatra herself

Race, Dallas, Tragedy, & Judge Jeanine

This past week has been one of trial and tribulation for this country, one capstoned by the rogue actions of a disenfranchised radical, and one in which the chasm splitting the American psyche has never been more apparent. Rather than stoop to our baser nature, we need to unite as a common people, focusing our

Fiddling While Rome Burns

My younger son has become obsessed with the Broadway musical, “Hamilton.” He listens to the soundtrack constantly and has started committing lyrics to memory. We’ve watched many video clips of the show and interviews with its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. One of the things Miranda says about his show, which has a multi-ethnic cast and incorporates

Thirty Days of Detroit: the Detroit Boat Club

THIRTY DAYS OF DETROIT: On this date in 1839 the Detroit Boat Club was founded by oarsmen, making it the oldest social club in Michigan history. The club’s founding members were all rough-hewn robber baron types with coincidental street names like Brush, Farnsworth, Campau, Sibley, Holbrook, Williams, Kellogg, and Bates. In 1890 the club moved

At the Gates of Dumbasses

“Four great gates has the city of Damascus And four Great Wardens, on their spears reclining, All day long stand like tall stone men . . . .” With apologies to poet James Elroy Flecker, a confluence of real and imagined events, polling and the storied proclivities of the palmetto state may in six short

The Historical Record of U.S. Recessions

The following chart lists all recessions in United States history. For each recession, the best information available is used to determine the beginning and ending dates as well as the severity of the recession.     Follow Jerry at: Jerry Wyant’s blog Twitter Economics Online Tutor Facebook Making Education Work Facebook Jerry’s books available at

Rewriting History

Okay, NOW I’m pissed off. We should not teach lies in our nation’s history. In Texas 5 million kids will be using new textbooks this fall based on revised curriculum which all but ignore racial segregation, do not mention the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws… and state the American Civil War was caused by “sectionalism,

The Poetry of Passover: Learning How to be Free

Once again, it is Passover. And once again, I get irritated by the literalists–both the historical literalists who insist on believing that the Exodus must have happened, as written, in real, historical time, and the ritual literalists, who insist on leading the Seder as though every page must be read out loud, in order, as

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