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March 18, 2018



Thermometers say you are wrong But you believe greedy businessmen Seismographs say you were wrong But you believe religious charlatans Electrocardiograms say you’re wrong But you believe the words of bigots Encephalograms tell you you’re wrong Geiger counters tell you you’re wrong Microscopes tell you you’re wrong Yet you believe the Big Oil propaganda Telescopes

An Age of Enlightenment for 21st Century America

The men who collaborated to create the United States Constitution were far from unanimous in their beliefs. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were a diverse group of individuals. The dominant power brokers of the day – New England merchants and Virginia plantation owners – were represented. The interests of small states and

Despicable Act in Chapel Hill: Victims Include the Shooter.

On some days, when I remind myself of the good things people do, I have faith in humanity. Lately, that faith has worn thin as I read about the horrors we visit upon each other: terrorists in Africa killing innocent people, murderous religious fanatics in the Mideast, 45,000 suicides in the U.S. attributed to unemployment,

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