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May 26, 2018

Jerry Wyant

It’s Time for Americans to Start Acting like Americans

The core of American patriotism is a demand to protect American sovereignty. There is nothing else. American sovereignty is the number one priority for patriots, and whatever is number two is a far distant second. To put it bluntly, if you are an American patriot, you are going to take a threat to American sovereignty

A Line Has Been Crossed

This nightmare will soon be over. A line has been crossed. Now, there is no plausible way to salvage the Trump presidency. Impeachment or resignation will not be enough. Either result would remove one person from power, but every member of the administration has been implicated in the cover-up – or worse. They are all

The American People and Healthcare

The GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is dead, for now. Polls, interviews, protests, petitions, and town hall meetings all indicate that many Americans have learned the following lessons: A huge tax cut for those at the top, and paid for by placing higher costs on those in the middle and at the bottom,

The National Popular Vote vs the Electoral College

In the popular vote totals, each vote has equal weight. One person’s vote counts the same as any other person’s vote. This isn’t true in the Electoral College, something we all know. In the Electoral College, some votes count more than others. So now we have a discussion about the Electoral College choosing Trump as

Now is the Time for Democrats to Unite behind Hillary

The stakes are too high this time. Some of us might believe that a Donald Trump presidency is unlikely, but we can’t afford to take a chance. Democrats need to get together, and sooner rather than later. Like it or not, the general election season is already here. It will be Donald Trump vs Hillary

Far Too Many Americans do not know these Basic Truths about the US Constitution

It appears that a large percentage of American adults had not been paying attention when the Constitution was taught to them in school. Or perhaps they never received a civics lesson. Here are ten basic truths about the US Constitution which many people don’t seem to understand. This is unfortunate, because a lot of political

A Plea to Everybody Afraid of Allowing Syrian Refugees into the United States

Please, everybody. There’s too much at stake this time. We can’t afford to get this one wrong. This is not a time for knee-jerk reaction. This is not a time to look for convenient scapegoats. This is not a time for any politics-as-usual blame game. The consequences of doing the wrong thing – because we

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