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August 20, 2017

Jerry Wyant

What to Expect from a Trump Economy

American voters said they wanted change. Change is what they will get, but not the kind of change they thought they were voting for.   Did they vote for a recession? That’s what they will get. Did they vote for lower wages? Look for real wages to go down, not up. Did they vote for

The National Popular Vote vs the Electoral College

In the popular vote totals, each vote has equal weight. One person’s vote counts the same as any other person’s vote. This isn’t true in the Electoral College, something we all know. In the Electoral College, some votes count more than others. So now we have a discussion about the Electoral College choosing Trump as

The Day I did NOT Meet Muhammad Ali

It was supposed to be in the cards. The stage had been set. I was going to meet Muhammad Ali. I was even promised, by one of his insiders, that Ali would immediately take to me and call me his “main man”. But fate has a way of taking unexpected turns. I never met Muhammad

You Say You want a Revolution?

You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world I am skeptical of the Bernie Sanders revolution. Actually, skeptical isn’t the right word. I am convinced that this particular approach to governing is doomed to fail in the reality of today’s America. I understand the appeal of Bernie

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