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March 19, 2018


Due Process v. the Common Good

DUE PROCESS? REALLY? The NRA is opposed to restricting those on the Terrorism Watch List from buying Guns. Because of “Due Process Concerns?” I’m totally serious; that’s what they say. But the way it plays is this: Anybody can find themselves put on the terrorism watch list…even by mistake. Or somebody could report you from

Nothing’s Changed. We’re Still Screwed

Let’s get one thing straight. What happened in San Bernardino was no 9/11.  Yes, it was a terrorist attack, but it pales in comparison to what happened that fateful September morning fourteen years ago. While the FBI continues to search for clues as the exact motivation behind this mass murder, this much is certain. Young

How Many More?

ANOTHER Mass Shooting — At Umpqua Community College in Oregon: Thursday…yesterday. HOW MANY MORE? My question is completely VALID, it’s aimed squarely at the NRA and their congressional lackeys, and I want a damned answer. Look: more Americans have died by gun violence in this country since 1968 than have died in all of America’s

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