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May 23, 2018

Peter Fegan

Walking and Chewing Gum at the Same Time

Michael Tomasky wasn’t pulling any punches in his latest piece in The Daily Beast. In fact, he cut right to the chase. If Democrats don’t get “much tougher” on Trump and his scandals, they are going to lose the midterms. He explains, Imagine that Hillary Clinton were president and the Republicans were investigating the Clinton Foundation, and she ordered an

America’s Soul Sickness

“History will not look kindly upon those elected officials who failed to act in the face of repeated mass murders of our children. Spare us your thoughts and prayers and do your jobs.” – Mike Rawlings, Dallas Mayor I couldn’t have said it better myself. Except I would’ve expanded my ire to include the millions of

The Mueller Investigation Enters Year Two

With the Mueller investigation now entering its second year, two questions need to be answered: One, where will all this end up? In other words, what are the odds that Mueller will find evidence of collusion, obstruction and / or money laundering and, more importantly, what will he do about it? Two, if Mueller’s investigation

What To Make Of Tuesday’s Primaries

It’s been a few days since Tuesday’s primaries and there are a couple of takeaways that are worth noting. The first was in West Virginia where most political pundits feel the GOP dodged a bullet when Don Blankenship came in third in the West Virginia Republican primary. Had he won, they argue, Joe Manchin’s reelection

Will the Death of John McCain Help Bring About the End of Trump?

From all accounts it’s clear that John McCain’s brain cancer has spread beyond the point of treatment. It is no longer a matter of if but when he will succumb. Friends of the senator have stopped by his Arizona ranch to wish him well. Like Ted Kennedy before him, the nation will mourn his passing.

The Media Loses Their Shit Over Michelle Wolf

Well I finally had a chance to see Michelle Wolf’s monologue at the White House Correspondence Dinner, and in my not so humble opinion, she should probably consider a new line of work. I wouldn’t say Wolf was the worst comedian I ever saw, but she’s somewhere between “Knock, knock who’s there?” and “Help, help,

Life In A Post-Trump America

Joe Scarborough thinks Donald Trump won’t run in 2020. Progressives want their candidates to commit to impeaching him if Dems take back the House this year. Political pundits are speculating when, not if, Rod Rosenstein and / or Robert Mueller will be fired. And meanwhile, in New York’s Southern District, Trump’s own attorney might end up taking

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