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August 23, 2017


Sermon And A Soapbox

The man stood on a box In the middle of the park, When people walked by The old boy would bark “It’s in the Bible,” he cried. And some people would ask What is in the Bible, sir?” Prepared to take him to task. “Everything’s in there, friend!” He answered with a smile Feeling the

To My Fans

I want to write my fans Some more lines about kissy face And beautiful flowers and lakes And rainbows all over the place. But, it is difficult to do today Because I hear a sadder tune. We have elected to take office A few hundred crazy buffoons. They are turning our country Into a place


My mom warned me About the booger man. I feared he would come And find out who I am And stick his fingers Right up my own nose But daddy quickly told me That’s not the way it goes. He said your mama has A kind of impediment That makes her talk funny Not say

They Kill Children For Money

Horrible, soul-less dissemblers Who kill children for money Who starve children to put More money into their banks With secret accounts off-shore And want to make more and more. Too much money to even score Because the books are cooked To let them kill more children For money because they think it’s funny To starve


You didn’t learn from Reagan You didn’t learn from Dubya And you will not learn from Trump And his minions and what have you. Instead, like a drunken junky You search for some magic pill That we can take and instantly Cure all our country’s various ills. You let in a multiple bankrupter Then call


There is a major shortage Especially in southern latitudes That creates an insufficiency Of any proportionate gratitude. They don’t realize down there That the 1970s gay rights fuss Let issues of personal freedom Come in from the back of the bus. These noisy not-very-Christians Should be standing up to cheer Instead of pissing and moaning

Silence of the Slammed

He left home for a very good reason But no one ever asked him why. Nobody questioned the bruises Nobody ever even tried. The neighbors ignored the noises Of a child screaming in agony. The urban equivalent of caring Is universally applied apathy. Shut up kid, the adults are talking; You’re to be seen and

Rocking the Ages

I’m gliding, not fighting As I enter later years. I’m skating, not debating As I face my aging fears. I see what I was afraid of Were just phantasms only. They leave too many scared With talk of being lonely. Go away with bearboo talk. Nobody is frighted here. It’s just another day for me

Neener Neener Neener

And for those of you who don’t Find Trump to be pernicious, He shows his ass to one and all, I hope you find it is delicious. For those of you who lived in Dream castles of foolish hope You have backed an evil man A charlatan and a dope. If you tried hard and

Wine And Water

I drink wine before water It’s better than beer. Neither are like booze They’re nowhere near. Like beer, you can Drink all of it you please. It will never knock Your life to its knees. What? You say no? You say they are equal? This is a bad movie I don’t want a sequel. I

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