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October 20, 2017


Parenting 2015

Dress your girls To be a street walkers Teach your boys To become trash talkers. Why should they undergo The first twelve years or so With no solid understanding Of prostitution and manhandling? So paint her face And shorten her dress. Copy the working girls Make her an immoral mess. All that is important is

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My mom warned me About the booger man. I feared he would come And find out who I am And stick his fingers Right up my own nose But daddy quickly told me That’s not the way it goes. He said your mama has A kind of impediment That makes her talk funny Not say


There is a major shortage Especially in southern latitudes That creates an insufficiency Of any proportionate gratitude. They don’t realize down there That the 1970s gay rights fuss Let issues of personal freedom Come in from the back of the bus. These noisy not-very-Christians Should be standing up to cheer Instead of pissing and moaning

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