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May 23, 2017



There is a major shortage Especially in southern latitudes That creates an insufficiency Of any proportionate gratitude. They don’t realize down there That the 1970s gay rights fuss Let issues of personal freedom Come in from the back of the bus. These noisy not-very-Christians Should be standing up to cheer Instead of pissing and moaning


I am in mourning. I am regularly in tears. I mourn the death of freedom That we thought we had for years. I mourn the death of patriotism In an America once so great. It has been replaced with bigotry, Overtly replaced by hate. I mourn the death of my country That I used to


  You people who say “There aren’t any gays In my race or church!” You’re so wrong, I say. You’re so wrong It will be hard to get back To right, you know, Where you went off track. You people who say There are no gays In our holy country You’re wrong too, I say.

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