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December 16, 2017


Trump and the Division and Turmoil of the Napoleonic Wars

On this day in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself Emperor of France, taking the Charlemagne replica from the hands of Pope Pius VII and placing it on wife Josephine’s head. He also took the titles King of Italy and Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine before reversals of fortune and war found him in

Alliterative Assholery

Platitudinous, pusillanimous, Pulchritudinous, posterior Poseur, postulating pus bag Posing as plenipotentatious President POTUS, posturesome Proudly putting paws on pussies Publicly preposterous woosie Pretending propriety: a putz. Eternal egregious eccentricity, Endless empathy-less publicity, Effectively embalming ethnicity Eviscerates any essential nobility Excluding even existential energies Of expectations of excellence Instead enacting evolution-free Economical inimical extortion. Hourly horror

The Tower Of Lies

Assembled to dissemble Congregated to prevaricate Misleading all misdeeds Associates to discriminate When nobles are ignoble And hit us with a low ball That baits and switches And then laughs at us all Applauding each other And singing their own praises Then giving themselves huge Unconscionably large raises It means we have lost sight Of


Helpless, when so many have died. Can we do nothing but hurt inside? Those can’t go home, no matter who cried. Yet we never set those guns aside. We listened while politicians lied And even when some of us tried Too many took up the other side And insisted they were on the right side


You promised us you’d make the country great again And that you would build a Mexican wall. You said you’d make America bigly wonderful And that you were the smartest of them all. You said you’d keep the immigrants from coming To take away our jobs and ruin our land. You finally came around to

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