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March 19, 2018


Our Leaders

They didn’t take our rights, We let them. They didn’t steal our taxes, We let them. They didn’t jigger the laws, We helped them. They didn’t become bigots, They always were. They didn’t change into crooks, They always were. They didn’t take our birthrights, We surrendered them. They didn’t arrest criminals, They arrested us. They

Blowing Taps

I used to be an avid libertarian Now I am a vocal egalitarian. I see that Republicans are Rehearsing to acclaim a Tsar, Contemptuous of anything agrarian. My peers are equally divided bubbleheads Half of their brain cells completely dead. Their parents taught them so little That they are caught in the middle They believe

Trump and the Division and Turmoil of the Napoleonic Wars

On this day in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself Emperor of France, taking the Charlemagne replica from the hands of Pope Pius VII and placing it on wife Josephine’s head. He also took the titles King of Italy and Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine before reversals of fortune and war found him in

Alliterative Assholery

Platitudinous, pusillanimous, Pulchritudinous, posterior Poseur, postulating pus bag Posing as plenipotentatious President POTUS, posturesome Proudly putting paws on pussies Publicly preposterous woosie Pretending propriety: a putz. Eternal egregious eccentricity, Endless empathy-less publicity, Effectively embalming ethnicity Eviscerates any essential nobility Excluding even existential energies Of expectations of excellence Instead enacting evolution-free Economical inimical extortion. Hourly horror

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