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October 17, 2017


The Tower Of Lies

Assembled to dissemble Congregated to prevaricate Misleading all misdeeds Associates to discriminate When nobles are ignoble And hit us with a low ball That baits and switches And then laughs at us all Applauding each other And singing their own praises Then giving themselves huge Unconscionably large raises It means we have lost sight Of


Helpless, when so many have died. Can we do nothing but hurt inside? Those can’t go home, no matter who cried. Yet we never set those guns aside. We listened while politicians lied And even when some of us tried Too many took up the other side And insisted they were on the right side

Lopsided Battle

  The rich man might just believe He can buy all he ever wants But he didn’t do it all alone No matter how he flaunts. The factory that bought him His mansion and his yacht Exists because he had plain folk To build him what he’s got. The litter bearers took him Wherever he


You promised us you’d make the country great again And that you would build a Mexican wall. You said you’d make America bigly wonderful And that you were the smartest of them all. You said you’d keep the immigrants from coming To take away our jobs and ruin our land. You finally came around to


Oh, frightening times, How do we survive? How do we rise above? How can we contrive To put villains away So they can’t harm again? What words will protect us From these kinds of evil men. Is there a magic charm Or a divine incantation Spoken by some priest Or by an adept magician That


Our reputation never had a chance Since the fat boy did his dance. Here he is to ruin the land! Mighty Mouth’s underhand! He has never had a single clue Not a thought for me or you. He stays surrounded by some total jerks Who always nod “okay” No matter what he says he wants

The Harbinger

I will ride this horse Until I’m shot down And even then I will Crawl along the ground Until I lift my eyes And I can see that right Has won the battle Against greed and might. I will pull myself up Through blood and pain Until not one square mile Of hatred will remain.

To My Fans

I want to write my fans Some more lines about kissy face And beautiful flowers and lakes And rainbows all over the place. But, it is difficult to do today Because I hear a sadder tune. We have elected to take office A few hundred crazy buffoons. They are turning our country Into a place

Broken Promises

I can’t explain Trump by assuming Half of our country was stoned. There must be many more factors Than that one reason alone. A huge part of it must be sloth That so many people haven’t seen Through an election between a Failed businessman and an American queen. All my life I heard it said,

Uncle Jeff

When I was just a little kid Uncle Jeff talked to me About the things people said As opposed to what I could see. He cautioned me to listen And watch people carefully He promised me an education, Just made for little me. Do they walk their talk When no one is around? Do they

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