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May 23, 2018



All the dead soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. Why can’t we see what all of them have seen? Why didn’t we notice that nobody had attacked us? We urged them to invade and kill as if it was practice. You know, war games that turned out a bit too real? How come those giving orders

We Marched

We raised our hands with others And shared the grand hurrah. We marched with them if we could Amazed at what we saw. Sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers Half a million in the demonstration A solemn gathering of protest In the capitol of a grieving nation. We came together, raised our voice In major

My Country

My country does not believe in equality. It buys excuses for elitism and misogyny. It covers up its greed and its brutality And makes up ugly labels for decency. My country sings its songs about freedom But often denies it to those who need some. It celebrates our heritage with beer and rum And marches

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