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September 22, 2017


The Alt-Right

Our way is the right way Just like Hitler has shown. We will carry automatic weapons And you must leave us alone. Keep your liberal mouths shut Give KKK politicians a pass. If you don’t our President will Okay thugs to kick your ass. You had your own way too long With jerks like that

My Country

My country does not believe in equality. It buys excuses for elitism and misogyny. It covers up its greed and its brutality And makes up ugly labels for decency. My country sings its songs about freedom But often denies it to those who need some. It celebrates our heritage with beer and rum And marches

A Beautiful Word

We marched because They told us we couldn’t march. We loved because They told us we couldn’t love. We married because They told us we couldn’t marry. We ran for office because They told us we couldn’t run. Freedom is for everyone Not just for the few. If any group is left out The word

Wakeup Call

Freedom is a natural right Those who take it are criminals. No excuse is good enough, And every occurrence is evil. Some try to tell you a big lie That it is all for the better good. If you fall for this brand of talk Your head must be solid wood. Knock on wood Step

Singing For Change

Lift up your voice and shout. Even if it feels a bit strange. We know what we’re about. Praying and singing for change. Work and sing for change Just as hard as politicians lie. Call them out for their untruths. Ask them when, how and why. Don’t accept weak excuses. They have far too many

Snarky Poet

Many of my poems are snarky And I know it. Some things make me bitchy And I show it. Some people are beneath contempt Puff out their chests, think they’re exempt But at the bottom of it all, they’re scum. They count on people at large to be dumb And deaf and blind to their

Bingo Jingo

I want to find those liars That call themselves statesmen And smack their faces And take back the country’s hymen Because they have stolen The innocence of every one of us And pushed us off a cliff In their bullshit conservative bus. Tap, tap, slap, slap Kick them in the butt. Tap them, slap them

Lippy Dippy The Hippie

Lippy Dippy the hippie, Always so much to say. Protesting, picketing Never quite gets his way. So much about us The world and how it runs. Someone to carry a sign? Lippy Dippy is the one. He started out with war Calling out President LBJ. The issues kept happening Up to and including today. Lippy

Free At Last, The Friendship Nine

  On January 31, 1961, nine young men, eight friends and students at Friendship College, along with one civil rights organizer, were arrested for trespassing because they sat down at an all white lunch counter at McCrory’s in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The men were tried, convicted, sentenced and given a choice of paying a

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