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March 19, 2018


And the Beat Goes On: Mega-rich Get Richer. Society Crumbles.

  While most of us have been taking our kids to Little League games, betting on the Super Bowl, taking an occasional vacation and waiting for the American Dream to become a reality, we haven’t noticed something important happening all around us. Society has been crumbling at the edges for the last several decades. This

I Might Have Belted Him, Too.

I suppose that smacking this guy with baseball bat COULD be considered a bit over the top…Or not, frankly. This supposed “minister of Christ regularly stands outside Arizona events, and high schools. He’s not spreading the word of Christ. He’s preaching hate. Listen to his own damn recording: He calls high school girls whores; and

The Spirit

The spirit watches quietly No hand does it raise. The spirit listens closely As the faithful sing of praise. After the worshipful leave And go back to their home The spirit wants to know And sets itself to roam. The spirit watches us And hears us when we talk. It carefully remembers when Our words

Holy Hordes

  Onward Christ’s invaders Waging pious war. Genocidal warriors; Profit’s faithful hordes. We know what we’re paid to do. Hold our banner high. Anyone gets in our way Then that one has to die. We ignore the whines of those Whose relatives have died. We are doing right because God is on our side. Christ

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