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August 20, 2017


Sermon And A Soapbox

The man stood on a box In the middle of the park, When people walked by The old boy would bark “It’s in the Bible,” he cried. And some people would ask What is in the Bible, sir?” Prepared to take him to task. “Everything’s in there, friend!” He answered with a smile Feeling the

Divine Inner Invention

  I truly fail to understand Why it’s gotten out of hand. It seems so very odd There are so many God Is supposed to have ordained Some aren’t even trained. There is an absolute dearth Of an actual true rebirth In the revivifying blood of Jesus. It’s almost like allergic sneezes. Pastures full of


  You people who say “There aren’t any gays In my race or church!” You’re so wrong, I say. You’re so wrong It will be hard to get back To right, you know, Where you went off track. You people who say There are no gays In our holy country You’re wrong too, I say.

Race, Dallas, Tragedy, & Judge Jeanine

This past week has been one of trial and tribulation for this country, one capstoned by the rogue actions of a disenfranchised radical, and one in which the chasm splitting the American psyche has never been more apparent. Rather than stoop to our baser nature, we need to unite as a common people, focusing our

I Might Have Belted Him, Too.

I suppose that smacking this guy with baseball bat COULD be considered a bit over the top…Or not, frankly. This supposed “minister of Christ regularly stands outside Arizona events, and high schools. He’s not spreading the word of Christ. He’s preaching hate. Listen to his own damn recording: He calls high school girls whores; and

Mumbo Jumbo Mambo

To be fair, this superstitious stuff Goes a helluva long way back. It was around the time of Babel That the Israelites lost all track Of logic and reason in the books They were peddling as God’s word. Oh, okay, they were just passing on Mesopotamian stories they heard But then to start calling it

The Spirit

The spirit watches quietly No hand does it raise. The spirit listens closely As the faithful sing of praise. After the worshipful leave And go back to their home The spirit wants to know And sets itself to roam. The spirit watches us And hears us when we talk. It carefully remembers when Our words

Holy Hordes

  Onward Christ’s invaders Waging pious war. Genocidal warriors; Profit’s faithful hordes. We know what we’re paid to do. Hold our banner high. Anyone gets in our way Then that one has to die. We ignore the whines of those Whose relatives have died. We are doing right because God is on our side. Christ

Responding to Mr. Anderson, Conservative

Much of the motivation for my writing comes from my conservative friends. The things they post on social media, or say to me in conversations, never fails to boggle my mind. One of these social media posts from a conservative brought to the forefront the main differences between the thinking of the right versus the

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