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May 23, 2017


Look Down

Look down. Is your money slipping away As if it never was? And can you not figure out What is the basic cause? Look down. Are your hands not quite beige And are there calluses there? Then your Trump Republicans In Congress don’t really care. Look down. Are you a pregnant woman Who has no

Pity The Democrats

Pity the wimpy Democrats They suffer in defeat. Year after year they don’t learn Like Republicans you must cheat. Stuff all the ballot boxes And monkey with the machines. You’ll never get a damn thing done If you keep the elections clean. And band together solidly With your chosen party. Lie and cheat and dissemble

Why Is This So Hard?

Maybe it’s because many people are young and missed out on the horror that was the McCarthy investigation of un-American Activities, with Richard Nixon sitting right next to Tailgunner Joe as they tried to arrest, blacklist and, ruin anybody they THOUGHT was a PinkoCommiePig. Or maybe it’s because so many people did NOT see Oliver

Republicans Are Fleeing The Party Of Stupid

  Republicans are fleeing the party that former Louisiana Governor, and failed presidential candidate, Bobby Jindal, said after the reelection of President Obama in 2012, had to; “Stop being the stupid party”. The exodus from the party of stupid in our Southern States is revealed through an analysis of general election history, which shows that

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