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August 20, 2017

Robert DeFilippis

Pope Does it Again: Teaches Christianity

This excerpt from an article by Maureen Mullarkey on thefederalist.com, a conservative commentary site, does a pretty concise job of summarizing the growing emotional agita being caused this pope’s interpretation of Christianity. “Under the tutelage of a pope who ascribes to himself an omnicompetency in geopolitical and scientific matters, the Catholic Church is at risk of

“Je suis Charlie”, Me Too!

“Je suis Charlie” French for “I am Charlie” is being claimed around the world. In case you’ve been vacationing on another planet, you’ll know that this phrase has developed in support of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical weekly newspaper featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. It’s irreverent and stridently non-conformist, but in a free society

The Fox News Cure

In a previous column about our lawless beginnings, I asked the question, “If we are only as sick as our secrets, how much sicker are we because of our attempts to hide a secret as obvious as this one?” We only need to look as far as the success of Fox News to find a

We’re as Sick as Our Secrets.

The saying goes, “you’re only as sick as your secrets.” I can’t think of a better introduction to my topic, our crazy U.S. culture. The secret? This by cultural historian Lewis Mumford, describes it best, “Wherever Western man went, slavery, land robbery, lawlessness, culture-wrecking, and the outright extermination of both wild beasts and tame men

The God of America

Does God bless America? Are we really a nation under God; a God who has shed “His” grace on us? And if you answered yes, why? What is the nature of this God who loves us such that “He” would choose us above all the other nations on Earth and make us special? What about

Conscious Media and Consumption

Consultants, Sparks & Honey, who describe themselves as “trendwatchers and tacticians, strategists and savants, creatives and quants,” and GaiamTV, recently published a white paper titled, The Explosion of Conscious Media, that I found very interesting. So what is conscious media and what does is aspire to?  “It inspires or creates an awakening. It expands the

The Great American Circus Doesn’t Leave D.C.

This great American circus doesn’t travel.  It stays in one place on the east coast of America.  Even so, it gets enormous coverage by the news media.  Like many circuses of old, it operates seasonally and can be depended on to entertain when it does.  You can visit it if you stand in long lines

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