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August 23, 2017

Social Issues

Race, Dallas, Tragedy, & Judge Jeanine

This past week has been one of trial and tribulation for this country, one capstoned by the rogue actions of a disenfranchised radical, and one in which the chasm splitting the American psyche has never been more apparent. Rather than stoop to our baser nature, we need to unite as a common people, focusing our

Responding to Mr. Anderson, Conservative

Much of the motivation for my writing comes from my conservative friends. The things they post on social media, or say to me in conversations, never fails to boggle my mind. One of these social media posts from a conservative brought to the forefront the main differences between the thinking of the right versus the

Pope Does it Again: Teaches Christianity

This excerpt from an article by Maureen Mullarkey on thefederalist.com, a conservative commentary site, does a pretty concise job of summarizing the growing emotional agita being caused this pope’s interpretation of Christianity. “Under the tutelage of a pope who ascribes to himself an omnicompetency in geopolitical and scientific matters, the Catholic Church is at risk of

The Fox News Cure

In a previous column about our lawless beginnings, I asked the question, “If we are only as sick as our secrets, how much sicker are we because of our attempts to hide a secret as obvious as this one?” We only need to look as far as the success of Fox News to find a

The Cult Of Stupidity

  THE CULT OF STUPIDITY Seeking to stay stupid Brands you as an airhead And doesn’t really have Any solid defense. Pride in being stupid Is somewhere past vapid And only can be praised By the extra super dense. Oh, it’s true that in the fifties It became fashionably nifty To cut classes and slouch

A Systemic Pathology Causes Racial Conflicts

Our country continues to erupt in racial conflicts. St. Louis county is just the site of the most recent and well publicized. It is a manifestation of a pathology in our society. I’ve written several essays on that pathology. But none have been as complete and diagnostic as the descriptions to be found in this

The Degrading of Democracy

THE DEGRADING OF DEMOCRACY Something went wrong in our country We used to put the thugs in jail. Now we have them in our Congress The Supreme Court is a major fail. Long ago there were these barons That overlooked the barges on the Rhine. They murdered and stole from their countrymen Now we have

The Great American Circus Doesn’t Leave D.C.

This great American circus doesn’t travel.  It stays in one place on the east coast of America.  Even so, it gets enormous coverage by the news media.  Like many circuses of old, it operates seasonally and can be depended on to entertain when it does.  You can visit it if you stand in long lines

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