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March 18, 2018

Tea Party

Progressives Are Drawing the Wrong Conclusions From the Tea Party Insurrection

There’s a prevailing sentiment among many progressives that Tea Party obstructionism was successful because it effectively blocked President Obama from enacting his agenda; also it resulted in Republicans winning two consecutive midterms and now a presidential election. One can certainly understand how tempting it might be to draw that conclusion. To tell you the truth,

Could the Center Decide the 2016 Election?

In what has become the most bizarre and topsy-turvy presidential election season perhaps of all time, both political parties have been rocked by major tectonic shifts in the persons of Bernie Sanders for the Democrats and presumptive nominee Donald Trump for the Republicans. And while Hillary Clinton has all but wrapped up the Democratic nomination,

Tea Party Protests We Can Believe In

Monday we enjoy both the benefits and detriments of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution which has permitted income taxation by Congress for the last 100 years. Also on that day in all 50 states, “grass-roots” tax protests of varying authenticity will occur outside post offices, government buildings and town squares as thousands bemoan the

Charlie Daniels’ One-Sided Argument About Disagreements

I recently had the opportunity to read an Op-Ed piece by, of all people, Charlie Daniels, a country/pop artist who had a couple of hit singles in the ’70s.  The title of the piece was “Why Can Americans No Longer Agree to Disagree?” I’ll admit that the first three paragraphs were well written and I found

Cleaning the Barn: John Boehner’s Parting Gift to Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan can say this “process” stinks all he wants, but the simple truth is John Boehner, his soon to be predecessor, just did him the biggest favor of his political life. Faced with a looming debt-ceiling default, Boehner didn’t just take a bullet for him, he took the whole damn firing squad. The budget

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