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August 20, 2017

Ted Cruz

Playing With A Lead

One of the reasons I love football so much is because it’s the ultimate battle between two fierce competitors. Both teams go at it mercilessly for four quarters, doing everything to win the game. And the one that comes up short has to wait seven long days to get back on the field and earn

California Dreamin’

And then there were three. The decisions by Ted Cruz and John Kasich to “suspend” their campaigns all but guarantees that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee, as if that was ever in doubt. Seriously, for the last two months only a hopeless optimist thought the Never Trump movement was going to

Better Ted Than Dead?

Last night on his New Rules’ segment, Bill Maher addressed the nagging question that Republicans are trying to answer: which of the two viable candidates should they support, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. After several entertaining and extremely funny comments, the choice was clear. Ted Cruz. The reason for Maher came down to this: “Ted

Contested Conventions Are Nothing New

There seems to be a sentiment among a good many people that contested conventions are, by their nature, undemocratic. That the candidate who gets to the convention with the most delegates and votes, even if it isn’t enough for a majority, should win his or her party’s nomination. That to deny the nomination to such

No Bull Moose Moment for GOP

David Frum has a piece in The Atlantic about the bind that conservatives (e.g., Republicans) are in. He has all but conceded that Donald Trump will win the GOP nomination and that this will mean a Republican defeat in November, not just for Trump but for other Republicans down ticket, particularly those senators in states

The Catch 22 for Republicans

Lindsey Graham, of all people, summed up the Republican Party’s dilemma perfectly when he said of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, “Whether it’s death by being shot or poisoning doesn’t really matter. I don’t think the outcome will be substantially different.” Who knew Goober was so insightful? The fact is neither man is all that

At the Gates of Dumbasses

“Four great gates has the city of Damascus And four Great Wardens, on their spears reclining, All day long stand like tall stone men . . . .” With apologies to poet James Elroy Flecker, a confluence of real and imagined events, polling and the storied proclivities of the palmetto state may in six short

Replacing Antonin Scalia: What Would Woodrow Wilson Do?

The reality of the situation that this nation finds itself in, for lack of a better word, can only be described as grim. In an election year where it seems the impossible becomes possible, with the candidacy of Trump serving as evidence of the absurd, the situation just became a tad more complicated.  On Saturday afternoon,

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