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June 24, 2017


Donnie And Vladimir

Donnie and Vladimir In a dacha by the sea H. U. M. P. I. N. G. They’re humping freedom And democracy. Sooner or later they will Get to you and me. Vlad likes people On their knees the best. And Donnie will do Anything for a Family crest. They both want to become Dictators for

Don’t Call Trump

Don’t call Trump a chimpanzee. Chimpanzees can’t talk. Don’t call him a pile of poop. A pile of poop can’t walk. Don’t call Trump an Orange That would be indiscreet. You see, different from an orange Trump is in no way sweet. Don’t call Trump a swindler Take his fat ass to court Because when

What Were You Thinking?

You elected a crazy person For most of the offices. You applauded a dictator. And that is just what he is. You cheered for a proven liar. And failed to fact check him. You voted for a misogynist And against all of the women. You elected a bankrupter To handle all of our money. You

We’re Not All As Dumb As We Look

I have watched you cheat and swindle. I’ve listened to your shallow lies. I have seen what passes for integrity In the avarice that shines from your eyes. You don’t seem to be able to talk much Without over-exaggerating the truth. You speak like the infamous cookie-jar kid, But, you don’t have the advantage of

The Magic Mullah Money Orb

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA (AP) — In a stunning show of transparency yesterday, members of the press pool were permitted a photo-op depicting Donald Trump, Saudi King Salam and Egyptian President el-Sisi groping the Magic Mullah Money Orb. The ancient artifact is all that remains of Aladdin’s lamp, though its exact provenance remains hotly contested by

Trump Drama

ABU DHABI, UAE (AP)–In an abrupt departure from itinerary, sources report President Trump made an unannounced landing at the United Arab Emirates capital airport where he promptly deplaned Air Force One and boarded a second, unidentified aircraft. Sources further state only Trump and his long-time body-man Keith Schiller boarded the unmarked Gulfstream GF650, which appears


You didn’t learn from Reagan You didn’t learn from Dubya And you will not learn from Trump And his minions and what have you. Instead, like a drunken junky You search for some magic pill That we can take and instantly Cure all our country’s various ills. You let in a multiple bankrupter Then call

Neener Neener Neener

And for those of you who don’t Find Trump to be pernicious, He shows his ass to one and all, I hope you find it is delicious. For those of you who lived in Dream castles of foolish hope You have backed an evil man A charlatan and a dope. If you tried hard and

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