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May 23, 2017


Trump Drama

ABU DHABI, UAE (AP)–In an abrupt departure from itinerary, sources report President Trump made an unannounced landing at the United Arab Emirates capital airport where he promptly deplaned Air Force One and boarded a second, unidentified aircraft. Sources further state only Trump and his long-time body-man Keith Schiller boarded the unmarked Gulfstream GF650, which appears

Trump, Healthcare & The Not-So Imperial President

On Friday, after a contentious week on the Hill, with GOP whips failing to scrounge up enough support for their spectacularly awful healthcare initiative, the bill was pulled from consideration in the House of Representatives. Amazing news right? Well not quite, sure the failure represents a symbolic victory for the Democrats, but at what cost? Now,

Just Last Week in Orange Privilege: Bull, Bullies, and Beat-downs

Winding up their third hapless week, the Trump Administration did not disappoint onlookers, crashing and careening through statecraft, free enterprise and the constitution before skidding to a steaming rest in front of Nordstrom’s. Trump’s greatest gift to make us all great again is to repeatedly demonstrate that no amount of reckless speed and utter bullshit

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