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May 23, 2017

Vladimir Putin

Once Again the Media Is Falling for the False Equivalence Argument

Well that was nice while it lasted. For a couple of days, the media was all over the story of Jeff Sessions’ meetings with the Russian ambassador; that is after they spent pretty much all of Wednesday falling over themselves complementing Der Führer on his State of the Union Address. For the last time, pin-heads,

The GOP And Netanyahu, A Love Story

The GOP/Tea Party has long been pining for a President like Russian President Vladimir Putin. Prior to Russia’s involvement in the virtual takeover of Crimea from Ukraine last spring, right wingers praised Vladimir Putin as a: “Lion of Christianity.” The upheaval in Crimea and the Ukraine resulted in yet another round of Republican outrage.  Congressman

Octuputin by Bill Day

                Bill Day’s award-winning cartoons are syndicated in more than 900 newspapers worldwide four times a week through CagleCartoons.com syndication service and Facebook Page Editorial and Political Cartoons. Follow Bill on his Facebook Page or on Twitter, @BillDaytoons.

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