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August 23, 2017

Civil Rights


We have become unhinged. I don’t mean “crazy,” though perhaps we are crazy. We certainly think other people are crazy. Them. The other side. And it’s the other-side-ness I’m talking about when I say we are unhinged. Unhinged. We’ve always taken sides in political arguments, right from Day One, but the two sides used to

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

I was wrong. I thought we were in agreement on the Big Things, and the fights and debates were about details, the how-do-you-get-there stuff. I thought we were on the same page about what America IS and what America is FOR. I was wrong. I was wrong—and I think that’s why this election has been

Guest Contribution: The Injustice System

  The following guest contribution focusing on the American “war on drugs” was written by Jamal Mtshali, and is an excerpt from his book Last in Line: An American Destiny Deferred. More information about the author and his book can be found at the end of this piece. The War on Justice In America’s War on

Guest Contribution: 2016: The Year in Antiblack Violence

The following guest contribution focusing on the epidemic of antiblack violence and police shootings as we approach the 5 year anniversary of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was written by Jamal Mtshali, and is an excerpt from his book Last in Line: An American Destiny Deferred. More information about the author and his book

Today in America

I have a 5 year old daughter being raised to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Today, America said that bullying, arrogance and a lack of respect is acceptable. I have sisters, a girlfriend, aunts, cousins, friends and other women in my life. Today, America said that it is acceptable for them to be objectified,

Susan Sarandon and Her White Purity Flounce

Yesterday actress cum political activist Susan Sarandon took a field trip to the Democratic National Convention where, instead of making herself useful by doing something – anything – to stop the incoming surge of Trump and his Trumpettes, she gave a great show of her distaste for the proceedings. Sarandon made her feelings so obvious

Race, Dallas, Tragedy, & Judge Jeanine

This past week has been one of trial and tribulation for this country, one capstoned by the rogue actions of a disenfranchised radical, and one in which the chasm splitting the American psyche has never been more apparent. Rather than stoop to our baser nature, we need to unite as a common people, focusing our

My Day With Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali has died. This seems impossible. More than that. 2016 has been something like a serial killer. Bowie, Prince, Ali. I mention these three in particular because they are heroes of mine. The very personal kind that you may never have truly known, but somehow made your life much better anyway. I am running

Lets Talk About Ferguson – Revisited

  My home is only about an hour from Ferguson, and I lived about 10-15 minutes from there for some time, so needless to say I’ve taken an interest in the events erupting there. I was born and raised in Missouri, so hopefully I can shed some light on how Ferguson, a little Missouri suburb

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