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March 30, 2017

Domestic Issues

Just Last Week in Orange Privilege: Bull, Bullies, and Beat-downs

Winding up their third hapless week, the Trump Administration did not disappoint onlookers, crashing and careening through statecraft, free enterprise and the constitution before skidding to a steaming rest in front of Nordstrom’s. Trump’s greatest gift to make us all great again is to repeatedly demonstrate that no amount of reckless speed and utter bullshit

Trump’s “23 Skidoo”

Admittedly, “23 Skidoo,” is an antiquated edifice of Americana slang, but surely one can’t deny the unmitigable reality that Trump needs to slink off quietly into the dark recesses of whatever boardroom he slithered out of. When you look at the totality of his business acumen, from failed ventures in Atlantic City, to a reality

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