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March 30, 2017


Who Has It Wrong On Trade Policy?

Those on the left who believe that all international trade agreements are inherently bad for American business, have joined with those on the right.  This hostility, created by  Senator Sanders and other opponents of international trade agreements, has been unfairly designed to harm President Obama “while also impeding the chances of Secretary Hillary Clinton becoming

Debunking Politically-Charged Misconceptions of Economic Policy

Blue Route contributor Jerry Wyant has published a new book, Common Misconceptions of Economic Policy: Debunking Politically-charged and Emotionally-charged Assertions. This book is based on essays published in The Blue Route Blog, and is organized into sections according to topic. What follows is the book’s table of context and the text of the introduction section.

What Everybody Should Know About…Unemployment and the Unemployment Rate

It is my observation that when people discuss the unemployment rate, including the validity and importance of the government’s “official” rate of unemployment, the discussions generally involve misconceptions as well as unnecessary speculation. Contrary to some widely held beliefs… The government does NOT hide numbers, such as the number of people who have given up

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