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December 16, 2017


The Art of the Steal

It’s a good thing Donald Trump doesn’t play poker or he would’ve had five bankruptcies instead of four. Or is that seven bankruptcies instead of six? I lose track sometimes. At any rate, that hideous tower in midtown Manhattan that bares his name would would have Chuck Schumer’s name on it instead. That’s because Chuck

Orange Privileges, Immunities & Atrocities

Poised as we are just before a hallowed holiday weekend, and in further honor of the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars as well as our nation’s foremost motor-car race, reporting on the Trump-fueled daily disasters is just “coming in too fast.” The clown-car demolition derby leading up to his first ill-fated big-boy trip, the emblematic

What Schumer and the Dems Need To Do Regarding Comey’s Replacement

It’s nice that Chuck Schumer is drawing his own red line by demanding that any new FBI director not be a “partisan politician” from “either party,” and that voting on James Comey’s replacement might be contingent upon the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump and his administration. Unfortunately for Schumer, Democrats only

The Brexit Breakdown and What It Means for the UK and the US

I’ll be honest, prior to last Wednesday if someone had mentioned Brexit to me, I’d have thought they were talking about a new sandwich from Subway. I probably would’ve asked, What the fuck’s a Brexit? That’s the problem with living across the pond, as they call it. It isolates you from the rest of the

Who Has It Wrong On Trade Policy?

Those on the left who believe that all international trade agreements are inherently bad for American business, have joined with those on the right.  This hostility, created by  Senator Sanders and other opponents of international trade agreements, has been unfairly designed to harm President Obama “while also impeding the chances of Secretary Hillary Clinton becoming

Debunking Politically-Charged Misconceptions of Economic Policy

Blue Route contributor Jerry Wyant has published a new book, Common Misconceptions of Economic Policy: Debunking Politically-charged and Emotionally-charged Assertions. This book is based on essays published in The Blue Route Blog, and is organized into sections according to topic. What follows is the book’s table of context and the text of the introduction section.

You should be Concerned about Why the Fed Wants to Raise Interest Rates

Financial news: The Fed will likely raise interest rates soon. The Fed has kept interest rates low for several years now, as a way to stimulate the economy. An eventual increase in rates has always been expected. But everybody should be concerned about WHY the Fed would choose to raise interest rates at this point

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