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March 19, 2018


Trade agreements

The United States currently has trade agreements with 20 different countries. Trade agreements are necessary to even the playing field between countries. The WTO is a 154 member organization that sets, and enforces rules for trade, among countries. Opponents of trade agreements maintain that they cost US jobs. NAFTA is one most often mentioned. Opponents

The Cost of Exxon-Mobil’s Lie

Exxon-Mobil Hid Global Warming Data? Spoiler Alert #1: Yes they DID. Spoiler Alert #2: YOU are about to get seriously pissed off. And, I’m sorry and surprised to say, it’s worse than I’d thought. Not only did Exxon’s leaders hide their own scientists’ data, they used the data’s predictions to plan further Arctic oil exploration,

Global Warming: The Jobs Creation Solution

By Steve Shivvers: Guest contributor There is a very effective non-partisan solution to global warming. It will create jobs, stimulate our economy, and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The basic concept is to enact a revenue neutral carbon tax to be placed on the extraction of fossil based fuels. The version I like is called

Solar Plants, Birds and Republican Hyprocrisy

A news article on Yahoo was very disturbing. It claimed that the solar power plant In California’s Mojave Desert scorched as many as 28,000 birds a year in mid-flight, and it suggested that California should halt the construction of an even larger plant pending an environmental impact study. If true, this is disturbing and I

Solar Power

I wrote this article about two years ago as a school project. There have been some changes since then. I will put any updates in brackets as I go. This article deals mainly with solar power in Arizona. Around the country people flip a switch or turn a knob to supply power to their lights

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