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August 23, 2017

News Media

Memo To Media: Don’t Let Up

Over the last few weeks, as it becomes clearer and clearer that the Russian hacking / collusion scandal is the most grave threat this country has faced quite possibly in its history, there has been a concerted effort by the alt-right media to not only dismiss the scandal as “phony,” but to engage in a

For the Last Time Media, Pull the Plug On Trump

There are two ways you can battle a fire. The first is to pour as much water as you can on it in an attempt to dowse the flames. The second is to snuff out the fire by depriving it of oxygen. Both are effective, but the former often results in water damage that renders

The Double Standard Of James Comey

On Wednesday, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, James Comey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. What was believed by many to be a probe into the now overwhelming consensus by our nation’s several intelligence communities, that Russia interfered with our election for the presidency of our country last year which favored the forty-fifth president while opposing

Oprah for President? Are You Shitting Me?

Normally I don’t pay much attention to the talking heads that propagate the cable news shows. The last time I heard something come out of their mouths that made sense I didn’t have a gray hair on my head. For the record, I started going gray in my early 30s, 25 years ago. But sometimes

Take Away Trump’s Mirrors

Jesus, this is getting monotonous. It’s like watching the same soap opera over and over again. The media reports on something that Donald Trump doesn’t like. He responds by calling them fake. He holds a press conference where he berates them to their faces and then holds a rally where he doubles down on his

Why the Press and Media Can’t Back Down

Over the last few weeks, something really extraordinary and, from my perspective, unique has been happening. As this president and his administration continue to lie and deflect about their reprehensible conduct, the press and the media have stood their ground and held them accountable. The recent reporting in both The New York Times and The

Overheated and Overblown

Okay, can we have a little perspective please? Hillary Clinton has pneumonia; walking pneumonia, according to her doctor. She doesn’t have cancer or dementia. In fact her condition apparently was so grave that after being diagnosed on Friday, she ran a two-hour national security meeting, held a press conference, hosted a campaign event, and still

Hillary Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

While watching Hillary’s mini press conference on board her plane the other day, I was reminded of a very funny scene from a classic Honeymooners’ episode in which Alice tries to butter up Ralph so that he’ll buy her a TV. The scene tends to get lost because of the exchanges between Ralph and Norton

The Clinton Double Standard

  Michael Tomasky, Paul Waldman and Paul Krugman have all written excellent pieces about how the media in this country have been focusing hard on Hillary Clinton’s scandals, while at the same time, turning almost a blind eye and a deaf ear to Donald Trump’s. It’s as though one candidate is operating under a different

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