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March 30, 2017


Stinky and Hinky

Stinky and Hinky Both egregious pigs Set out to rape us all; They don’t care a fig If all of us starve to death As long as they get rich. Stinky and Hinky Each a venal summabitch! Stinky hired Hinky Two minds, one sewer. Stinky had no talent But Hinky was newer. Many people doubted

Look Down

Look down. Is your money slipping away As if it never was? And can you not figure out What is the basic cause? Look down. Are your hands not quite beige And are there calluses there? Then your Trump Republicans In Congress don’t really care. Look down. Are you a pregnant woman Who has no

Wine And Water

I drink wine before water It’s better than beer. Neither are like booze They’re nowhere near. Like beer, you can Drink all of it you please. It will never knock Your life to its knees. What? You say no? You say they are equal? This is a bad movie I don’t want a sequel. I

Pity The Democrats

Pity the wimpy Democrats They suffer in defeat. Year after year they don’t learn Like Republicans you must cheat. Stuff all the ballot boxes And monkey with the machines. You’ll never get a damn thing done If you keep the elections clean. And band together solidly With your chosen party. Lie and cheat and dissemble

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