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October 20, 2017


Attacks on the Free Press

“President Donald Trump has said a lot of bad things about the media since he started running for president two-plus years ago. He’s suggested that the press doesn’t really like America. He has said the media is the “enemy of the American people.” He has repeatedly called journalists the “most dishonest” people. He has worked to paint news stories he

Trump’s Voice

“Trump finds his voice in Las Vegas after Puerto Rico”? Seriously? Look, let’s face it: people died in Las Vegas. But, let’s face the fact they died in Puerto Rico, also. Yes:, nearly twice as many died in Las Vegas (Remember that the death toll in Puerto Rico is now over 30) Two Points: 1-

Note to Mayor Cruz

We ALL wish he’d stop, ma’am. But don’t you hold your breath waiting, either… Your people need you, Madam Mayor, and little-Don CAN’T stop hurtful comments;it’s nearly all he does. Plus in your case? There’re THREE things he hates about you, specifically: You’re a woman (and a strong one at that) You’re a Spanish-speaking American

The Acting President

I would argue that the charge little-Don “didn’t act quickly enough” is utterly false. Because “acting” is the only thing the dreadful man has done. It’s all he knows how to do. “Bullying” is nothing more than ugly acting. That reflexive bluster and bullying is dinkie-Don’s response to virtually ANY new circumstance is now a matter

Crimes Against Humanity in Puerto Rico

A set of independent reports on the ground from the worst Caribbean disaster since Haiti and Montserrat continue to reflect a situation worsening in the face of what can only be intentional “ignorance” (as in deliberately being ignored and/or blown off) is pronounced a “good news story” -in the face of factual contradiction- by the very little-Don pretender administration

Why the GOP Still Hasn’t Been Able To Repeal Obamacare

For seven years now, all we’ve heard from Republicans was how horrible the Affordable Care Act was and how they would do everything possible to repeal it. Occasionally, they would insert the word replace at the end to assuage concerns and to fool people into believing they were desirous of coming up with a genuine

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