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August 23, 2017


A Letter To Christians Who Voted for Trump

Look, I understand why frustrated blue-collar workers in the Rust-Belt states voted for Trump. When you’ve been screwed over by both major political parties as much as they have, you tend to do irrational things like vote for someone who has about as much in common with you as you would with a sheep dog.

Orlando, America and Leadership

We are one day removed from yet another mass shooting, in Orlando. This one being the deadliest in modern American history. As expected, President Obama spoke to the nation yesterday. And as expected he was calm, measured and reassuring. Granted, he’s had a lot of practice with this particular speech, but he spoke to us

Are Some Christians Missing the Forest for the Trees?

Some Christians believe that the reason for our problems is because our kids aren’t allowed to pray in school, or that the local city hall refused to display a nativity scene in its town square, or that we say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. They look at the occupant of the White House and

Let Them Eat Cake

You know you’re in for it when a Christian starts off by saying, “We all believe…” Well, actually no, but please do enlighten me, and while you’re at it, insult my intelligence. After all, it’s what most of the Church does anyway. I’ll tell you what bothers me the most about all the fallout from

The Designer Devil

The way he is written, The Devil is much more personal and therefore much more powerful than God because God just sits up there in the sky demanding obeisance and The Devil lives right below our feet, ready for any chance to get us. He’ll bribe us, kill off our loved ones, burn out houses

Who Speaks for Sincere People of Faith?

In his book, The End of Faith, Terror and the Future of Reason, Sam Harris writes, “Religion is nothing more than bad concepts held in the place of good ones for all time. It is the denial — at once full of hope and full of fear — of the vastitude of human ignorance.” Whether

The Poetry of Passover: Learning How to be Free

Once again, it is Passover. And once again, I get irritated by the literalists–both the historical literalists who insist on believing that the Exodus must have happened, as written, in real, historical time, and the ritual literalists, who insist on leading the Seder as though every page must be read out loud, in order, as

Pope Does it Again: Teaches Christianity

This excerpt from an article by Maureen Mullarkey on thefederalist.com, a conservative commentary site, does a pretty concise job of summarizing the growing emotional agita being caused this pope’s interpretation of Christianity. “Under the tutelage of a pope who ascribes to himself an omnicompetency in geopolitical and scientific matters, the Catholic Church is at risk of

It’s Time To Stop Pussyfooting About Islam

Thomas Friedman is right, so is Bill Maher and Sam Harris. There’s something within the religion of Islam that runs counter to the values of a pluralistic society and is inimical to the very freedoms liberals claim to champion most and it’s high time for them to wake up and stop being hypocrites. This is

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