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May 23, 2017


Trump Drama

ABU DHABI, UAE (AP)–In an abrupt departure from itinerary, sources report President Trump made an unannounced landing at the United Arab Emirates capital airport where he promptly deplaned Air Force One and boarded a second, unidentified aircraft. Sources further state only Trump and his long-time body-man Keith Schiller boarded the unmarked Gulfstream GF650, which appears

The Republican Playbook

  Folks, once again, here’s the Republican formula for winning elections: We have to cheat. The End. If we hadn’t gerrymandered America like a soft pretzel, we’d have never taken control of the House. If we didn’t make sure voter suppression was in place in predominantly black and Hispanic regions, we’d never get our candidates

Double Dog Dare, McConnell

(Spoiler Alert: this is SATIRE) Sorry gang, I’m with McConnell on this one. This Garland guy sounds like a bum. He’s not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court, because he’s not an authority on Constitutional Law. He was a judge on the DC Court of Appeals. Pffffttt…small potatoes. This president’s already seated two Associate

Carly’s Behavioral Issues

Behavioral health issues are a thing, I sympathize, and I take no pleasure in noting certain tics, tells, and other gestalt giveaways with this unfortunate case. But running for high office or mismanaging sound companies into the ground are questionable therapeutic models for Carly’s treatment. I theorize she was always a moderately bright, vicious, unhappy,

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