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August 23, 2017


Global Warming, The Proof is There

There was a time, not too long ago, when many people believed that the earth was flat. They believed that Columbus, by sailing east to reach the West Indies, would simply sail off the edge of the earth and disappear. Faced with overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary millions of people still believe that their

Solar Power

I wrote this article about two years ago as a school project. There have been some changes since then. I will put any updates in brackets as I go. This article deals mainly with solar power in Arizona. Around the country people flip a switch or turn a knob to supply power to their lights

It’s Global Warming, Stupid!

Ever hear of a town called Norilsk? Until this week, neither did I. Norilsk is a little Siberian town of over 100,000 residents, which has the distinction of being the northernmost city in the world. Temperatures in Norilsk can get as low as -53 degrees Celsius or -64 degrees Fahrenheit. And just in case you

Is Darwinian Evolution a Complete Explanation of Life?

I recently posted an article titled, God, Evolution And The Goal Oriented Universe. This column will add a bit more detail to my suspicion that we may live in a teleological (goal oriented) universe. Please keep in mind that I am not arguing for or against an intelligent designer. Further, I am not a scientist,

Equal and Undersexed

A new study, published in the American Sociological Review finds that couples who break from the traditional gender roles in regard to housework report having less sex than those couples who don’t.   The study is new, but unfortunately the research is old.  The data covers nearly 4,500 heterosexual couples from 1992-1994, and finds that couples who