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March 18, 2018

Social Issues

I Live In Anger

  I live in Anger. It is not only impossible, but absolutely maddening to talk to the “thoughts and prayers” only people who think any gun reform is a slippery slope to full disarmament, and besides, people are going to break the law anyway so why do anything at all? No serious person is talking

Guest Contribution: 2016: The Year in Antiblack Violence

The following guest contribution focusing on the epidemic of antiblack violence and police shootings as we approach the 5 year anniversary of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was written by Jamal Mtshali, and is an excerpt from his book Last in Line: An American Destiny Deferred. More information about the author and his book

And the Beat Goes On: Mega-rich Get Richer. Society Crumbles.

  While most of us have been taking our kids to Little League games, betting on the Super Bowl, taking an occasional vacation and waiting for the American Dream to become a reality, we haven’t noticed something important happening all around us. Society has been crumbling at the edges for the last several decades. This

No Rape Tonight

BRAVO! These women ROCK! Look, I am NO saint. I like women. I love physical intimacy (which is more than just “sex”) blah-blah-blah. But rape is rape, and in any form should appall and anger everyone of either sex, and, that’s especially true of you as a man. Why doesn’t it? For all of our

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