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May 23, 2017

Social Issues

My Day With Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali has died. This seems impossible. More than that. 2016 has been something like a serial killer. Bowie, Prince, Ali. I mention these three in particular because they are heroes of mine. The very personal kind that you may never have truly known, but somehow made your life much better anyway. I am running

I Might Have Belted Him, Too.

I suppose that smacking this guy with baseball bat COULD be considered a bit over the top…Or not, frankly. This supposed “minister of Christ regularly stands outside Arizona events, and high schools. He’s not spreading the word of Christ. He’s preaching hate. Listen to his own damn recording: He calls high school girls whores; and

No Rape Tonight

BRAVO! These women ROCK! Look, I am NO saint. I like women. I love physical intimacy (which is more than just “sex”) blah-blah-blah. But rape is rape, and in any form should appall and anger everyone of either sex, and, that’s especially true of you as a man. Why doesn’t it? For all of our

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