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October 20, 2017

Sports and Entertainment

Broken Fences

I’ve always had tremendous respect for Denzel Washington. I can’t think of any actor since Paul Newman who has better combined acting talent with movie star charisma. He was gifted with more handsome, charm, and ability than any person has a right to ask for. One of the more underrated aspects of his career (much

Hell, Highwater, and Where The Money Is

Shot in the crummiest, most desolate parts of modern-day Texas imaginable, this surface-level, pulpy heist thriller is much more than its basic description might lead you to believe. Two brothers (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) rob a series of local banks with motivations atypical of “because that’s where the money is” type of reasons. Hidden

Not Human, A Dove

I hated high school. Without reservation, I could not stand it. My mom started me in kindergarten when I was only four years old. She wanted me to get socialized with other kids as soon as possible. While the intentions were good and everything would eventually work out fine, being a full year younger than

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