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August 20, 2017


While Rome Burns, Dems Fiddle

Watching Democrats fight over who got elected as the new DNC Chair is like watching two passengers argue over which lifeboat they’re going to choose on the Titanic. The Bernie Sanders wing wanted their man, Keith Ellison, to win, but when former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez prevailed, they threw a hissy fit. Seriously, Donald

It’s Time To Invoke the 25th Amendment

Sweet Jesus, somebody pinch me. I can’t believe this is happening. Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump stood in front of the press and the nation and had what can only be described as a total meltdown. For 77 minutes, the man raged at the media, the Democrats and the judiciary. In a paranoid frenzy, he blamed

Today in America

I have a 5 year old daughter being raised to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Today, America said that bullying, arrogance and a lack of respect is acceptable. I have sisters, a girlfriend, aunts, cousins, friends and other women in my life. Today, America said that it is acceptable for them to be objectified,

Bill Weld Does the Right Thing

Gary Johnson’s running mate – the one who actually has a clue what day it is – did something incredible the other day. Bill Weld issued a statement that every “undecided” voter toying with the idea of voting third-party or Republican should read carefully and take to heart. No, it was not an endorsement of

September Rain

It was about 30 years ago and an unknown comic by the name of Andrew Dice Clay was appearing on stage at Dangerfield’s in Manhattan. He was part of an HBO Young Comedian’s special. For those of you not familiar with the Dice Man, I’ll be as delicate as possible. He was the one who

Hillary Goes For the Jugular

I’ll be honest, I’ve been critical of Hillary and her campaign over the last few weeks for some unforced errors regarding her email server and the Clinton Foundation. And while these unforced errors were being committed, her opponent, Donald Trump, was in the middle of his long-awaited pivot, trying to rebrand himself as a softer,

An Appearance of Impropriety

Michael Tomasky may have a point. In fact, he’s probably right. Despite all the good the Clinton Foundation has done for millions of people, it has become an “albatross” around Hillary’s neck. It isn’t enough to say, as Bill has done, that if she wins the presidency the Foundation will stop taking foreign contributions. It’s

The Return of the Swift Boats

The prevailing logic among many political pundits – indeed among many establishment Republicans – is that the shakeup in the Trump campaign won’t work. That letting Donald be Donald is really the crux of the problem. Doubling down on a failed strategy would only make things worse, not better. And while I would tend to

Donald J. Trump, The Traitor?

Does the prospect of Donald J. Trump being privy to the daily national intelligence briefings frighten average patriotic Americans who are concerned with the security of the United States? Given Mr. Trump’s and Paul Manafort’s close ties to Russia, Trump’s call for his allies in the Kremlin and the KGB to engage in a hack

Hillary Rounding Third?

Let’s face it: Thursday night’s Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders – the ninth and probably last – was hardly a game changer. Yes, it was the most contentious – by design, I suspect – but neither candidate moved the needle much. If you’re a Hillary or Bernie supporter, you probably heard nothing

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