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June 24, 2017

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Hacking of Minds

The Russian hacking of our Presidential election is no longer in doubt. However, there are some misunderstandings about it. Some on social media clearly think it was our ballot boxes that were hacked. It wasn’t our ballot boxes that were hacked; it was the minds of the electorate. Why were we so gullible? James Clapper

They Kill Children For Money

Horrible, soul-less dissemblers Who kill children for money Who starve children to put More money into their banks With secret accounts off-shore And want to make more and more. Too much money to even score Because the books are cooked To let them kill more children For money because they think it’s funny To starve

Tea for the Trumperman

You should brew a batch Of a tea that makes you bright And if it works the rest of us Can get some sleep at night Because whatever tea you drink As you plow your awful road Is making you a truly lethal kind Of hairy, ugly poisonous toad. Tea for the Trumperman For him

We’re Not All As Dumb As We Look

I have watched you cheat and swindle. I’ve listened to your shallow lies. I have seen what passes for integrity In the avarice that shines from your eyes. You don’t seem to be able to talk much Without over-exaggerating the truth. You speak like the infamous cookie-jar kid, But, you don’t have the advantage of

The Magic Mullah Money Orb

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA (AP) — In a stunning show of transparency yesterday, members of the press pool were permitted a photo-op depicting Donald Trump, Saudi King Salam and Egyptian President el-Sisi groping the Magic Mullah Money Orb. The ancient artifact is all that remains of Aladdin’s lamp, though its exact provenance remains hotly contested by

The Battle Dirge of the Republic

You made excuses and ruses And egregious misuses Of all we hold sacred; You misplayed it to the hilt Until you almost killed Almost all of us with lies. So many were unwise And fell for each guise Every smiling mask And gave them what they asked So they could bask in false glory. We

The Rich Always Survive

One quarter Dumplets One quarter aware One quarter lazy fools One quarter don’t care A huge percentage of voters Pay little attention to facts. We know that because we see They ignore the way Trump acts. They have a list of lies they say To excuse their lack of civic pride. That includes that jerk

Trump Drama

ABU DHABI, UAE (AP)–In an abrupt departure from itinerary, sources report President Trump made an unannounced landing at the United Arab Emirates capital airport where he promptly deplaned Air Force One and boarded a second, unidentified aircraft. Sources further state only Trump and his long-time body-man Keith Schiller boarded the unmarked Gulfstream GF650, which appears

Now It’s Mueller’s Investigation

The announcement by Rod Rosenstein that he has appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to take over the Russia investigation is encouraging, and for two reasons: First, it’s a ray of hope for millions of Americans who were rightly concerned that the wheels were coming off this democracy. Two, it’s a thorough rebuke to this

What Schumer and the Dems Need To Do Regarding Comey’s Replacement

It’s nice that Chuck Schumer is drawing his own red line by demanding that any new FBI director not be a “partisan politician” from “either party,” and that voting on James Comey’s replacement might be contingent upon the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump and his administration. Unfortunately for Schumer, Democrats only

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